Scuderia fits first Capristo Exhaust & Carbon in UK to an Audi R8 V10+

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Scuderia Car Parts have just fitted the first of a new line of carbon fibre parts and a valved sports exhaust to a very special Audi R8 V10+ (Second Generation). As the exclusive UK distributors of Capristo Automotive products, Scuderia have a long history with the German manufacturer and were able to offer these exceptional upgrades the moment they came out of the factory. This is the very first of the new R8 model line to feature the Capristo carbon and exhaust, and you can watch the video below!

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The car in question was already a one-of-a-kind R8 having been painted in ‘Porsche Amaranth Violet’ (to try and match the look of the Porsche 991 GT3 RS), but now with a Capristo sports exhaust and carbon fibre side and front wings, it truly is stand out.


The side fins and front fins were specified in glossy carbon fibre, using the Audi carbon weave by our customer, although they can also be purchased in a matte finish or with Capristo’s own design weave. They give the R8 an even more aggressive stance and both sets of fins are reminiscent of the Ferrari 458 Speciale, another supercar that Capristo offer an exceptional line of carbon fibre for.

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The R8 sports exhaust from Capristo has always been a top seller at Scuderia Car Parts because of the way Audi created theirs from stock. A performance car with the looks of the R8 really should be complimented with much more of a deep, resonant growl, so it is unsurprising that R8 owners turn to the aftermarket and choose the high-quality and reasonably priced Capristo exhaust to achieve this.

For the V10+ Second Generation, Capristo have made it from high-grade T309 stainless steel, which is a superior material to a lot of other aftermarket competitors who use the T304 steel for their exhaust lines. With this, the German manufacturer has managed to make a mighty 50% weight saving and the improvements made to the volume and tonal quality are vast- take a look for yourself at the video at the bottom.

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As the Capristo exhaust is valved and remote controlled by a CES-3 programmable control unit, R8 owners can choose their start up setting and can open and close the valves at will, depending on what the circumstances dictate. So if you are on a beautifully epic mountain road and you want to hear the sound of every push on the throttle, then leave it in open mode, whereas if you are crawling up the gravel drive late at night and don’t want to wake up the kids, then closed can be really useful!

There are also no warranty concerns as due to the European Commission Motor Vehicle Block Exemption Regulation (2002, Revised 1st June 2010), it is unlawful for any dealership in the EU to invalidate a warranty as a result of a modification to the car. If your dealership states otherwise, they are actually breaking the law and to prove it, we have not had a single warranty invalidated on a customer’s car since the company was founded in 2002!

Scuderia Car Parts are a Queen’s Award-winning international distributor of original equipment and tuning parts and are the Exclusive UK Distributors of Capristo Automotive parts, so please get in contact with our knowledgeable and friendly sales team on +44 (0)1784 603125 or fill out an enquiry form HERE to make an enquiry for the Audi R8 V10+ (Second Generation) Capristo Exhaust.

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