Novitec convert the Lamborghini Huracan RWD with all new upgrades

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Novitec Torado have already given us conversion kits for both the Coupe and Spyder, but now they have turned their attention to the Lamborghini Huracan RWD. The ‘sportiest’ of the three models, the RWD now gets a carbon aerodynamic-enhancement kit, hi-tech forged NL1 wheels, sports suspension springs, a high performance exhaust system (in stainless steel or Inconel) and a twin-supercharger V10 engine rated at 611 kW / 830 hp. Interior customisations are also available.

This conversion kit is only available in the UK from Exclusive Distributors, Scuderia Car Parts, but the components can be bought individually as well as the full kit.


In regards to the aero kit, the Huracan RWD gets a lot of the same parts as the Coupe and Spyder; the Side Panels, Air Intakes, Mirror Covers, Bonnet and Rear Wing are all the same, for example. However, the face of the RWD is dramatically different with the addition of an all new Front Spoiler Lip and Front Strut. Due to the differing shape of the rear of the car, the RWD also has a new Rear Bumper which fits alongside the previously released Novitec Rear Diffusor.

These changes give the Huracan RWD a noticeably more aggressive look and as each component is extensively tested in the wind tunnel and made from a light, yet very strong carbon compound, these components also increase aerodynamic efficiency and improve handling at high speeds.


The 5.2L V10 Lamborghini is also given a considerable power boost with a twin-supercharger conversion, increasing power output to 611 kW / 830 hp. On top of this, a lightweight sports exhaust that replaces the factory component will both reduce weight and transform the sound of your Huracan. You can order a version in stainless steel, or Inconel and choose whether you want sound management with valve control or not. And what a sound it makes (watch below)!

The Novitec Huracan RWD would not be complete without a new set of wheels and the three-piece NL1 hi-tech wheels are the perfect compliment. With five delicate double spokes, these 20 and 21 inch alloys are manufactured using state-of-the-art forging technology and can be tailored in several different colour combinations.


And to finish the sporty look, the Novitec sports springs lower the ride height by approximately 35mm, in the process giving the car even more dynamic handling thanks to the lower centre of gravity. Inside, owners can customise just about everything in the cockpit with bucket seats, racing safety belts, rollover cage and plenty of options for the interior trim.

Scuderia Car Parts is the Exclusive UK Distributor of Novitec Torado parts, so please get in contact with our knowledgeable and friendly sales team on +44 (0)1784 603125 or fill out an enquiry form HERE to make an enquiry for the Lamborghini Huracan RWD conversion kit.

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