Novitec Tuning Products for Lamborghini

Novitec claims to be ‘the world’s leading specialist for enhancing super sports cars’, and the line-up of models for which it has developed high-performance and race exhaust systems certainly bears that out. Its race-tested exhaust systems have a simple set of aims - to make a line-up of already thrilling supercars even more powerful, faster and individual. That sounds quite a task given that these cars already have these attributes in spades, but Novitec’s technical wizards have looked at every possible aspect of the cars which can be tweaked, and come up with their own very special solutions.

Testing them in a wind tunnel helps ensure that parts that might have even the slightest impact on a car’s aerodynamic properties are extensively engineered to cut that effect to a minimum. And track-testing really proves its worth when it comes to Novitec’s development of sets of Lamborghini sports springs, ensuring that they keep the car perfectly balanced, no matter how many Gs you’re pulling. See the results of one such transformation carried out by us on a customer’s Huracan Performante Spyder. Novitec also makes products with utterly practical purposes, such as sturdy protective covers for many of the extremities on your car, as well as anything from a lip for its rear spoiler to a full bodywork conversion kit, any of which can be combined to make your Lamborghini completely unique.

Models for which we can supply a Novitec Lamborghini exhaust are currently the Aventador, Aventador S, Aventador SV and Aventador SVJ; Huracan, Huracan Evo and Huracan Performante; and the Urus SUV. Our advice is always on hand if you need any pointers as to the most effective Novitec products for enhancing your Lamborghini’s character and performance. Just call us or send an enquiry on the form at the bottom of this page, and we will happily give you the benefit of our more than two decades of supercar tuning and enhancement.

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