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When Karl Benz became the first man to fit an internal combustion engine in a car, in 1883, he could never have foreseen what his company would become over the next 130 years. Because today, Mercedes (as Mercedes-Benz is known by most of us) is the biggest brand in premium cars, with worldwide sales of more than 2.3 million in 2018. And much of that success has been achieved by focusing heavily on premium quality, alongside building a pedigree in racing, which was established as far back as when a Benz car took part in the world’s first recognised competitive motor race, from Paris to Rouen in 1894. Today, Mercedes is, for many drivers, a by-word for quality, luxury - and performance.  Alongside the exhaustive specifications of most of its cars, we at Scuderia Car Parts are here to help guide you through the maze of Mercedes parts available to enhance the looks and the performance of your car.  Our business is run by people with years’ experience of owning and running prestige and performance cars, and in that time we have built solid working relationships with the most reputable and trusted manufacturers and suppliers of Mercedes aftermarket parts, along with all the other major manufacturers.

In the latter half of the 20th century, Mercedes became known for a number of technical and safety innovations on both its road and race cars which have since become commonly seen on even far more basic cars. For example, Mercedes was the pioneer of anti-lock braking (ABS), making them standard on the W126 S-Class introduced from 1980. Airbags, too, were a Mercedes innovation, first seen on the S-Class in 1981. It was also the first car-maker to introduce, in 2003, a seven-speed automatic gearbox, of a kind which has since been widely adopted among luxury and high-performance car-makers. Mercedes has a long history of involvement in Formula One racing, having been both a team owner and engine manufacturer at various times since 1954, probably being best-known for its 20-year partnership with McLaren between 1995 and 2014. The last of those years saw the start of an incredible run of seven successive constructors’ championship wins, while the company has 208 Grand Prix wins to its name, as of the back end of the 2021 season.

The parent company has used a number of other businesses as official suppliers of Mercedes aftermarket parts, while at the top end of the range of each of its models sits an AMG variant. AMG is the name used by a company that was founded in 1967 and initially was independent of Mercedes, but specialised in producing Mercedes parts to customise and enhance the performance of its cars. It was, however, taken over by Mercedes in 2005. AMG models are generally fitted with more aggressive-looking body kits, and boast a series of modifications designed to enhance their performance and handling, including the use of more extensive use of carbon fibre body parts than in non-AMG cars. More than 132,000 AMG vehicles were delivered in 2019. AMG also has partnership agreements to supply engines and other powertrain components for Aston Martin and Lotus, while the marque gained wide exposure in 2021 when it became a joint supplier, with Aston Martin, of safety cars for all F1 World Championship races. The numbering of models in the AMG range does not correspond with their engine size, but are usually given in tribute to an earlier model. Most AMG engines are hand-built under a ‘one man, one engine’ policy at its factory at Affalterbach near Mercedes’ own base in Stuttgart, Germany, which sees a single technician assemble each engine by hand.

The current engine line-up consists of six units, all of which are bolstered by turbo power - two two-litre, straight-four cylinder variants, a three-litre V6, two derivatives of a 3.0L in-line six, and a four-litre V8. A variety of other engines have also been developed and used, but are now discontinued. A further company, Brabus, also works closely alongside Mercedes. It operates as a 50:50 joint venture, and provides vehicles customised to individual clients’ requirements. It can either provide a complete new vehicle with a range of cosmetic enhancements to a customer’s own requirements, or overhaul or modify an existing engine. With such a wide model range, each with their own considerable attributes, you have a massive choice of options when it comes to Mercedes aftermarket parts which will add to your car’s already extensive talents. Call, email or message us, and we will point you towards the parts which will achieve what you want for your vehicle - whether it’s more power, head-turning, individual looks, or a mix of the two.

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