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Audi R8 Sports Exhaust System from Capristo

The Capristo Exhaust for the Audi R8 V10 2016+ comprises the following:

  • Rear Silencer: High-flow twin-channel with integrated valve operation
  • Vale on connection pipe: To blend the exhaust gases from each bank in the silencers, even if the valves are open
  • Remote Control Kit: Vacuum system and backpressure monitoring device

The way the system works is very straightforward. The entire system is "valved" - where the valves have "open" and "closed" positions. When the valves are closed, exhaust gasses are sent into a lightly silenced muffler channel. This channel gives the car a "louder-than-stock" sound which is high-pitched, fuller and more aggressive than the standard exhaust. However, the sound in this valve position is still moderate and un-intrusive which means that you can tour long distances, make light night returns or early morning getaways without making a huge racket and without the exhaust note being tiresome or annoying. This ensures that the Capristo system improves the sound at low revs and the mid-range so you ALWAYS get a better sound.

The second position of the valves is "open" - here exhaust gasses are diverted past the rear muffler altogether, into a straight pipe channel - and HERE is where the sound produced is utterly unique to the Capristo. In this channel, the straight pipe channel is still partially blended with the silencers still, This is important because this configuration is responsible for delivering an outstanding note.

When you blend exhaust flow from two banks of the V10 (or a V8 or even a flat 6), this has the effect of lifting the pitch of the exhaust note. Set aside volume, this higher pitch gives the car a much more aggressive "motorsport-style" scream. It means you don't just get volume, you get a much higher QUALITY of sound. It's unique to the Capristo and it is amongst the most compelling reasons to purchase this system over and above any other brand.

You need to understand the attention to detail with this system - this dual channel operation even ensures that there is no boom - even at high revs. It really is VERY clever.

Capristo have recognised that there is a time and a place for this type of sound, and as a result have hooked up the exhaust to the original valve controls. This enables you to switch the exhaust on and off based on the drive mode selected. Alternatively, you can also buy an additional remote control so you can control the exhaust independently of the drive mode.

The second thing this system will do is increase power. The reduction in backpressure especially from the rear silencer switching (via the remote control or automatically) to direct exit, is enormous, allowing the engine to breathe with hugely improved efficiency when it really needs to (namely high rpm). The power increase is in the region of 22hp, so the owner is really going to win big for power... a phenomenal increase for a simple bolt-on upgrade!

The Capristo complete system is substantially lighter than the stock exhaust. The original exhaust weighs 32.6kg and the Capristo weights 16kg. It is worth noting the system is NOT made of the typical grade 304 Stainless steel offered by run-of-the-mill performance exhaust manufacturers. It is manufactured with the far more expensive higher grade 309 stainless steel to ensure long term reliability and for the temperature benefits detailed before which will be important in extreme high-performance car applications as this.