Novitec launches new tuning range for McLaren with the McLaren 570S

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German tuning house Novitec Group have been renowned for upgrading some of the world’s most exclusive supercars for over 25 years with Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati and Rolls-Royce models previously getting the treatment. Now Novitec have turned their attention to British manufacturer, McLaren, and the first model in their line to be given a makeover is the McLaren 570S.

The package includes all the usual Novitec upgrades with improved aerodynamics from wind-tunnel tested carbon fibre components, a boost in performance from upgraded engine management software, some lightweight, forged wheels, a sports exhaust, sports suspension and interior customisations. All of these products are available individually or as a complete package from Exclusive UK Distributors, Scuderia Car Parts and are also available for the McLaren 540C.

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There are various engine tuning options available from Novitec depending on your base model, but the most powerful option offers you an increase in peak power of 56 kW / 76 hp and an extra 92 Nm peak torque. This results in the 3.8L eight-cylinder engine pumping out an impressive 475 kW / 646 hp at 7,450 rpm and produces a peak torque of 692 Nm at 6,250 rpm! With this, the car’s top speed increases to 335 km/h and the 0-100 km/h drops to 3.0 seconds for this turbocharged two-seater, giving you even more instant throttle response and more powerful in-gear acceleration.

As the optimal complement to the engine tuning, Novitec also offer various versions of a precisely calibrated, high-performance exhaust system for the McLaren 570S. This system features slanted tailpipes matching the rear contours of the vehicle, one on the left and one on the right side. The exhaust is available in either high-grade stainless steel or from the extremely lightweight material, Inconel. In addition, the product range includes lighter and even more efficient sport catalysts.

Aerodynamic & Cosmetic Upgrades


The Novitec designers were tasked with making the thrilling styling of the McLaren 570S even more spectacular, and they mastered the job in superb fashion. For a car as fast as this, it is not just the looks, but above all the aerodynamic efficiency that is of utmost importance. Therefore, all components were wind-tunnel tested and are available in naked carbon fibre for strength, durability and reduced weight.

The mid-engine sports car is given a more distinctive face with the addition of the front spoiler lip, whilst it also reduces lift on the front axle, further improving handling stability at high speeds. Along the sides, the side panels give the 570S an even lower and sleeker visual stance and the covers for the air intakes help direct wind even more precisely into the air scoops behind the two doors.


The rear end of the upgraded McLaren is dominated by the rear wing, which is the most obvious upgrade from the factory model. Its shape follows the contours of the McLaren’s sweeping lines and increases the downforce on the rear axle. The rear bumper covers also emphasize the sporty design and optimise the aerodynamics.

And the final article is the smart-looking carbon engine cover that offers a dual-branch air box, ensuring an optimised airflow to the engine bay.



The Novitec MC1 wheels for the 570S have an equally unique design: they are manufactured using state-of-the-art forging technology and offer an optimal blend of lightweight construction and strength. The wheels feature five delicate double spokes and are designed to make full use of the available space under the wheel arches.

In addition, the staggered combination of 9-inch and 11-inch alloys puts even more emphasis on the wedge shape of the sports car and the wheels are available in multiple colour options. The size 9Jx20 wheels at the front are shod with high-performance tyres of size 235/30 ZR 20, whereas the rear axle sports size 305/30 ZR 21 tyres on 11Jx21 size alloys.


The Novitec sports springs lower the McLaren by approximately 30mm and contribute to the sleek and sporty stance that the 570S has with the Novitec upgrades fitted. Inside, the Novitec designers offer high-quality refinement using the finest leathers and Alcantara in any desired colour, to truly individualise your car.

Scuderia Car Parts is the Exclusive UK Distributor of Novitec parts, so please get in contact with our knowledgeable and friendly sales team on +44 (0)1784 603125 or fill out an enquiry form HERE to make an enquiry for the McLaren 570S conversion kit.

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