The first full UK Novitec N-LARGO kit for the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

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This year, Scuderia Car Parts completed the first ever full Novitec N-LARGO conversion kit in the UK for the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. The F12 N-LARGO kit tends to split opinion as some traditional Ferrari owners and lovers think that the transformation is sacrilege, whereas others believe it is the pinnacle of customisation and simply an improvement on the factory original. Either way, it certainly achieves its objective- turning heads and getting people talking, along with adding flair, aggression and brutality to an already stunning and powerful car.

What is an N-LARGO conversion?

If you are unaware of what an N-LARGO transformation consists of then let us explain… From the base Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, the car undertakes both mechanical and bodywork upgrades to turn it into a wider, more powerful and more aggressive looking and sounding car.


The widebody kit is 205 centimetres wide (that’s exactly 11cm wider than the factory model on the rear axle) and is exemplified by the exaggerated wheel arches, fender flares and rocker panels. The front and rear of the car are transformed with a new carbon fibre front grille, a central air deflection insert on the bonnet and air scoops (developed in the wind tunnel to reduce negative lift and further improve handling stability), alongside an all new, five-piece rear diffuser and airfoil (to create additional aerodynamic downforce at high speeds).

The ride height of the car is also lowered by 40mm with the help of special sports springs and brand new, custom-developed NF5 NL Novitec wheels (three-piece, double spoke) are added, manufactured using high-tech forging technology. On top of that, Novitec experts remap the 6.3 litre V12 engine to produce 574 kW / 781 hp of power at 8,600 rpm, with a peak torque increase to 722 Nm at 6,400 rpm, meaning the N-LARGO reaches a top speed of about 350 km/h.

To finish, the F12 gets a new high-performance, quad exhaust that sounds absolutely incredible. We are of the belief that this is the best sounding aftermarket exhaust we have EVER heard- high praise indeed considering we’ve been supplying all types of sports exhausts across multiple brands, for hundreds of supercars, for over 13 years now. Have a listen here and see if you agree!

The Process

Novitec Rosso are the leading aftermarket Ferrari tuning house in the world and Scuderia Car Parts are one of the foremost Ferrari tuners, so this was the perfect fit for this extra special project. The two companies have been customising Ferrari’s together for over a decade now, so this F12 owner really had no doubt in his mind as to where to come for the No.14 N-LARGO conversion.


The N-LARGO kit was fitted by Scuderia Car Parts in the way that Novitec intended, complete with NF5 NL wheels, a sports exhaust, engine remap and full widebody kit. The car was also wrapped in Corsa Red to the customer’s request, although there were no interior customisations made. This is a relatively lengthy process as the skill involved to complete it with the necessary care is not easy to come by and the process itself is totally unique.

After Scuderia Car Parts received the F12 Berlinetta, it needed to be sent off for its first round of mechanical work, this included replacing the exhaust, completing the ECU remap, and fitting the remote. After that phase was complete, the car had to go to the body shop where all the new panels were carefully and meticulously painted to match up with the car’s original silver finish and then they were fitted alongside the exterior carbon fibre.


The car was still nowhere near finished at this point though as it still needed to get more mechanical work done. The suspension geometry needed to be set up, the wheels needed to be fitted and the final finishing touches to the car had to be added before it was ready to move on.


At this point the car then came back to Scuderia Car Parts to be checked over, before being sent off to get wrapped in ‘Rosso Corsa’ red as per the customer’s request. The finished car took one last trip back to the Scuderia offices where we handed it back to a jubilant owner and had the chance to snap some pictures and share in his excitement.

The End Result


Apart from a very happy customer? Well, an astonishing looking and sounding car that is not only rare, but also unique. At the time of completion, this F12 N-LARGO was only the 14th in the world and was officially certified as the first Full UK version. Although there are 13 other N-LARGO’s around, they are all individual, all distinguishable in their own way with different combinations of colours, wheels, carbon and interior, so this one is like no other.

Hopefully even the doubters out there can appreciate the overwhelming sensation that must come when you own a totally unique vehicle and whether this car is to everyone’s taste or not, who are we to judge? When someone first added a slice of cheese to their plain beef burger, everyone else probably thought they were crazy, but look where we are now…


This conversion kit made someone incredibly happy, as will others in the future and it is always a pleasure to work on a project that pushes the boundaries of aerodynamic efficiency and such innovative design.

Long may the Ferrari badge stand for tradition, heritage and racing pedigree, but we are now at a crossroads where creative and bespoke tuning design is beginning to come to the fore, with Novitec Rosso leading the way. Welcome to a new dawn and welcome to the F12 N-LARGO.

To see the complete gallery of the first full UK N-LARGO conversion, take a look here on our PINTEREST account or our FACEBOOK page.

To make an enquiry for the N- LARGO kit, please call our knowledgeable and helpful sales team on +44 (0)1784 603125 or fill out an enquiry form HERE.

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