Novitec release new N-Largo S for Ferrari F12

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The brand new Novitec N-Largo S Conversion Kit for the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta is now available to order from Scuderia Car Parts, the exclusive UK Novitec Distributor.

The N-Largo S is the latest installment of the N-Largo programme from German tuning house Novitec Rosso who have already transformed the F12 Berlinetta with the original N-Largo, as well as the California T and the Lamborghini Huracan.

This is another step (or maybe more like several) further down the road of how far you can modify a car whilst still maintaining some of its original integrity and characteristics. Novitec love pushing boundaries.

The N-Largo S is an F12 on steroids, and it’s not for the faint hearted…

How does it differ from the original F12 N-Largo?


Wider and even more in-your-face than the original F12 N-Largo, this ‘S’ version is only for the most extreme of tastes. With only 11 in the world being produced, it is also more exclusive than the last, which sold 15 around the world. Scuderia Car Parts sold the first full Novitec UK N-Largo back in 2014 and it has already sold the first UK N-Largo S in 2016.

The widebody kit adds an extra 3cm on to the previous N-Largo, that’s a total of 14cm wider than a standard F12 Berlinetta. 14cm might not seem like a lot in the real world, but you would certainly notice it if it was added to your width, and it’s the same for a sports car. At 208 centimetres total, the F12 N-Largo S is now wider than a G63 AMG!

The lightweight, carbon body panels have been styled with an even more exaggerated stance this time round to make it look even more aggressive and it certainly stands apart from its older sibling in this regard.

What do you get with an N-Largo S conversion?

The widebody kit includes various lightweight, high-strength carbon replacement panels that are a combination of unique motor racing design and aerodynamic efficiency. Plus there’s a brand new and exclusive set of NF6 NL wheels, lowered suspension, a sports exhaust, interior customization and a huge improvement on engine output.

Widebody kit: The new front fenders are 7cm wider than the production components in total and the width at the rear increases by a whopping 14cm thanks to flares that are seamlessly moulded to the production body. This also creates space for extra-large wheels.

The front bumper and central front blade are shaped to lend the two-seater a markedly aggressive front. In addition, the central air intake optimizes the supply of cooling air to the radiators, while the openings on the side direct the relative wind to the front brakes. The shape (which was optimized in the wind tunnel), above all reduces lift on the front axle, further optimizing handling stability at high speeds.

The aerodynamic fine-tuning continues on the hood. The air outlet is fitted with a naked carbon cover that directs the relative wind straight over the roof and thus improves venting the air heated by the radiators from the engine bay. In addition, Novitec also developed special carbon air deflectors for the air intakes on either side in front of the windshield.

Strikingly styled rocker panels guarantee optimal routing of the air between the wider front and rear fenders. The meticulous attention to detail is also evident in the carbon covers for the two side mirrors.


Of course, the rear end of the vehicle is also revised as well to match the upward sweeping ends of the rear fender flares (that also extend further back), the centre of the rear end is also extended with a carbon component invisibly mounted to the production bodywork. There’s also a carbon roof spoiler lip and rear airfoil, whose shape and angle of attack were optimized in the wind tunnel. The N-Largo S rear bumper captivates with its three gill-shaped vents on either side and the five-piece diffusor is not only an indispensable part of the aerodynamics concept, but like the central rear fog lamp, also plays a crucial role in the striking racing looks. The black tinted tail lamps and side reflectors round out the athletic overall appearance.

Wheels: New NF6 NL wheels were developed specifically for the N-Largo S. Their delicate design with five double spokes and their hi-tech forging technology make these wheels especially lightweight, yet enormously robust. The alloy wheels can be painted any desired colour and come in a version featuring carbon-coated outer flanges as well. The staggered wheel sizes of 9.5Jx21 for the front axle and 12Jx22 at the rear further emphasize the vehicle’s wedge shape. Pirelli supplies the perfect high-performance tyres in the form of P ZERO tyres of sizes 255/30 ZR 21 and 335/25 ZR 22.


Suspension: The revised suspension with Novitec sport springs lowers the ride height by about 40mm and is specifically calibrated for use with the above tyres. There’s also an optional lift system for the front axle to help make the N-Largo S as suitable for daily use as possible. The hydraulic height adjustment raises the front axle by about 40mm at the touch of a button in the cockpit to make it easier to navigate parking garage ramps or speed humps in residential areas. The suspension reverts back to the original operating position at a second touch of the button or will automatically upon reaching a speed of 80 km/h.

Performance: The performance upgrade comes courtesy of new mapping for the injection and ignition. The Novitec technicians developed a performance kit that boosts peak power of the 6.3L, 12-cylinder engine to 574 kW / 781 HP at 8,600 rpm, and at the same time, peak torque grows to 722 Nm at 6,400 rpm. With newly designed carbon shift paddles, you should be able to manually shift gears even more precisely to get the most out of this new found performance.

Exhaust: The new Novitec Rosso high-performance quad exhaust system optimizes the engine’s power delivery and lends the V12 an even more exciting acoustic accompaniment. Customers can opt for a variant with sound management via a system of butterfly valves that are remotely controlled from the cockpit. Options include a stainless-steel version, or one made from Inconel- a hi-tech material that offers weight savings of 11kgs compared with the production exhaust.

Interior: Novitec Rosso also customizes the interior to individual customer preferences if desired. The cockpit can be remodelled with utmost precision and with the highest quality of workmanship in leather, Alcantara and carbon in any desired colour.


The numbers


Please get in contact with our knowledgeable and friendly sales team on +44 (0)1784 603125 or fill out an enquiry form HERE to make an enquiry for the N-Largo S kit.

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