Lamborghini Huracan N-LARGO now available!

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The two-seater Lamborghini Huracan has just been given an exclusive make-over by German tuning experts Novitec, who present us with their newest offering in their N-LARGO range. Only 25 units are set to be made and Scuderia Car Parts is the only place in the UK where you can officially place an order.

The Huracan has been given a spectacular carbon fibre widebody kit to go alongside a supercharged version of the 5.2-litre V10 engine, and high-tech forged wheels in a staggered 20/21-inch combination developed specifically for this car. To round off the spectacular looks, sports springs can also be used to lower the ride height of the N-LARGO by about 35 millimetres.


At the rear, the N-LARGO Huracan measures in at 204 centimetres on the rear-axle, which represents 12cm more width than the production car. The widebody kit has been designed not just to look extreme, but as a perfect blend of thrilling styling and maximum aerodynamic efficiency.

Novitec Torado have developed strikingly-styled flares for the rear fenders that are seamlessly bonded to the production body and the wheel wells on both sides are lined with precisely fitted inner liners which are six centimetres wider on each side.


The new N-LARGO is also six centimetres wider at the front, as the original front fenders have been replaced with larger, more exaggerated panels. This, alongside the larger wheels, accentuates the wedge-shape of the Lamborghini.

The N-LARGO side skirts create the perfect transition between the wider fenders and are fitted with integrated brake cooling ducts that route the relative wind to the rear discs and calipers.



The only way to create reliable and efficient aerodynamically-enhanced components is by using a wind tunnel, so Novitec Torado have done extensive testing to produce a new front bumper, rear bumper and rear airfoil (spoiler). The front bumper in combination with the central front-blade reduces aerodynamic lift to further improve handling stability, whilst also lending a more aggressive look.

The rear spoiler and rear diffusor are optionally available with a naked carbon finish and give the N-LARGO the perfect aerodynamic balance, giving the car a far better look from behind. The new front bonnet with integrated air ducts also plays a role in distinguishing the car.


Other attractive carbon components that you might be interested in purchasing for extra are the hood and the side air intakes which optimize the flow of air into the engine bay. Alongside the carbon side mirrors and the tail lamp surrounds, these add-ons really give the N-LARGO that full-blooded racing look.


The NL2 custom-developed wheels for the Huracan N-LARGO use high-tech forging technology which gives these alloys an outstanding blend of lightweight construction and strength. The alloys look exceptional, built with five delicately shaped double spokes and the with an extremely concave wheel spider, especially on the rear axle. The wheels (size 12.5Jx21) make full use of the newly created space and are mounted with Pirelli P ZERO high-performance tyres (size 325/25 ZR 21).


Another stylistic trick that Novitec have used is the 20-inch forged wheels on the front axle, which offer a contrast to the larger 21-inch rears. They also feature a concave center section and are mounted with high-performance tyres of size 245/30 ZR 20.


This mid-engine sports car is optimally prepared for significantly more power, so the engine specialists at Novitec have produced a more powerful and durable supercharged version of the 5.2-litre, ten-cylinder engine. With a rated output of about 633 kW / 860 hp and a peak torque in the 960 Nm range, the supercharged version of the Huracan N-LARGO will launch itself into the league of the world’s most powerful super sports cars.


The Huracan uses the already available Novitec Torado high-performance exhaust system, which comes in stainless steel, or the especially lightweight version made from Inconel (a material also used in Formula 1 racing). The exhaust system is precisely calibrated to the engine and is available with or without sound management by means of controlled butterfly valves, perfectly optimizing the sound and performance of the Lamborghini’s stock engine.


If you would like to place an order with Scuderia Car Parts for the new Lamborghini Huracan N-LARGO from Novitec, it can either be ordered as a complete car to your specification, or be built based on an existing Lamborghini Huracan Coupe.

A full gallery of Huracan N-LARGO images can be found on our PINTEREST account.

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