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  • Fitment Details: Ferrari F12
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Ferrari F12 Lowering Springs from Novitec

The fundamental handling problem with the F12 is that the cars are not "setup" with respect to ride height, suspension geometry and alignment in the way that Ferrari originally intended.

We often lower customers F12s and equip them with sports spring set for the following reasons:

  • Minimize weight transfer under cornering
  • Related to the above - reduce squat under acceleration and dive under braking
  • Improve high speed stability (reducing ride height has the effect of increasing the aerodynamic effects of the cars shape - especially the rear diffuser area) which makes it genuinely feel more stable at higher speeds
  • Improve dynamic response - which in other words mean turn-in response, changes of direction, and more generally sharper more controllable responses to steering inputs
  • Make the car look sensational!

Now it's worth pointing out that the car can be lowered on it's standard springs without requiring new parts. Problem is, the stock spring rate is too soft to keep the cars underbody and chin off the ground at the reduced ride height. This is why you MUST fit lowering springs on a Ferrari when you lower it.

These Novitec springs are very clever - the variable rate refers to the fact that they have, in effect, two stiffness levels - one, when the softer portion of the spring is compressed (to allow comfort - how you drive around 90% of the time on the road) and another "stiffer/higher poundage rate" when the stiffer portion of the spring comes into play (when the softer portion is fully compressed) which confers the spring rate you actually need when the car is fully dynamically loaded and needs to be kept off the ground.

These springs permit a reduced ride height without risking smashing the underbody to pieces. All original dampers and mannetinno settings and characteristics are retained. The responses only improve further if the car is put into sport/race or "ASR off" - so low grip/ice mode on the mannetino will still work just fine.