Novitec Pushes The Italian Bull To The Limit Again!

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The Lamborghini Huracan. The most sold car in Lamborghini’s history, featuring the most successful V10 engine ever put in a Lamborghini, and if you ask us, it is also one of the best sounding V10’s ever produced. If you add Evo to that name, not only are you getting a whole host of exterior aerodynamic and styling upgrades but an engine turned up to 11, offering more power and better dynamics than the standard Huracan. More importantly, however, is what Lamborghini has called the LDVI: The technological brain of the Huracan Evo, moving away from a car that only reacts to driver input, and instead anticipates and predicts what the driver is going to do next, creating a car that is always ready for whatever you’re going to throw at it.

A car this sophisticated and this driver-performance-orientated cannot possibly be tuned by just any aftermarket brand. Only one brand has the expertise, quality, and history to wave a red flag in front of an already viciously raging bull and make it even angrier: Novitec. Our friends from Germany, who seem to produce the best aftermarket tuning portfolio of any brand we work with, have now released 25 tuning parts for the Lamborghini Huracan Evo Spyder & Coupe and we have access to all of them. 

The most noticeable and popular upgrade we offer from Novitec is their power-optimized sports exhaustYou know an exhaust producer means business when they offer an exhaust made out of Inconel (the same material used in Formula 1) that has additional heat protection made out of gold! Trust us when we say that automotive fans and enthusiasts won’t even have to see your car to appreciate it. As long as you drive by within a mile radius, your friends and family will know you’re on your way, as will all the wildlife cowering in the bushes. The pièce de résistance of this performance exhaust are a set of carbon fibre tailpipes. Just to ensure that even when you’re not driving, everyone can see this is no standard Lamborghini, this is a Novitec Lamborghini.

There are ample wheels and carbon fibre parts available which are both aesthetic and functional to make sure that your Lamborghini really stands out as yours and not just another Lamborghini off the production line. Have a browse of our tuning site to view all the parts which are available, some of our favourites include a carbon fibre diffuser, a colossal rear wing, and front strut with enough carbon to make any Ferrari fanboy jealous.

Carbon Fibre Front Strut

Carbon Rear Diffusor

Carbon Fibre Rear Wing

We’re not saying that your Lamborghini Huracan Evo isn’t good enough, we’re just saying that it could be that slightly better with some help from Novitec and Scuderia Car Parts. Contact our aftermarket tuning team today to make your raging Italian bull that little bit angrier.

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