How to make an F1 driver Envious? A Novitec 458!

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The Ferrari 458. The benchmark for performance in the 21st Century. Since it was released in 2010 it established itself as a car fanatic favorite, offering excitement, desirability, performance, and reliability. All wrapped and packed into a body that is the pinnacle of true Italian style and elegance. Regrettably, whether you drove the spider or coupe, there was always one key ingredient missing. The noise. No matter how sublime the car feels to drive, that final ingredient limits the car from being anything better than good.
If you’re spending a quarter of a million pounds on a Ferrari, then you don’t want good, you want phenomenal. You want a symphony of ear blistering howls, screams, pops and bangs. When stock, the 458 is simply a little sedate for such a high-performance vehicle. When the car is being driven gently the car is almost silent, and in reality even once it starts to open up towards the high end, it’s not a nice sound. It’s just loud. Loud and flat and missing any sort of race-inspired noise.
The original exhaust compromises of three different sections. This means that its possible to upgrade different sections of the exhaust depending on what the owner is looking for. The three sections are as follows:
  • Rear Silencer
  • Catalysts
  • Manifolds

On the car featured on this post the owner was after a louder more race-inspired sound but still wanted to be able to leave the house without being murdered by his wife! This meant that we elected to install a Novitec stage 1 exhaust system upgrade onto his 458. This exhaust system compromised of a Novitec Sports Rear Silencer WITH the optional integrated valves and remote control. This means that he still possesses the ability to control how loud or quiet the car is at the flick of a button. The main benefits this exhaust possess over the OEM system are:
  • Gives the increase in volume overstock
  • Gives a substantial difference between “open” and “closed”
  • Above all – Produces the same unparalleled high pitched F1 sound that is missing in the car as standard.

I’m sure as you can tell from the video this is no small upgrade, and no matter who you are a Stage 1 system will put the sort of smile on your face that the 458 should have done from stock. However, if you really want to push the limits to what’s possible we can offer you a Stage 2 Novitec system. This includes the same system as the stage 1 system but also includes:
  • Cat Replacement Pipes with thermal Insulation
  • Plug-in module to prevent check engine light
Through installing the cat replacement pipes, you end up with a 458 which utterly screams when close to the redline, making a noise that even Lewis Hamilton or Sebastian Vettel would be envious of! The plug-in module that is provided with the system will also prevent a check engine light appearing on your dash due to the removal of the cats.
We have never had a customer walk away having installed a Stage 2 Novitec Exhaust system without anything but aching cheeks from smiling whilst listing to the different symphonies their car now makes. The only complaint customers have with this system is that it didn’t come like this stock from the factory!
If you’re thinking about upgrading your Ferrari or any other high-performance car get in touch with our Tuning team today and let us extract the true potential your car possesses.

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