McLaren 675LT upgraded with QuickSilver cat pipes

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The McLaren 675LT is the zenith of Super Series: is the bigger brother to the 650S, is the lightest, most driver-focused, most exclusive series-production McLaren supercar ever built. A customer of ours, who owns one of these exclusive beauties and drives it frequently, told us the only way to enhance his experience even further would be adding a little bit of richness to his car’s tone – to give the car a little sound. We love this sort of challenge and quickly stepped up to the task.

Having previously worked with the 570S and remembering how stunning the results were, we used our know-how, technical knowledge and expertise of that project to refine the exhaust sound of the 675LT.

The key thing to note is that changing the already direct-exit rear muffler on the 675LT will not yield any improvement in sound or performance regardless of the brand of “exhaust” selected as a replacement. The original system is already straight through and very aggressive!

We realised that the only upgrade possible to release the cars sound was to free-up the exhaust components upstream of the rear silencer. So we quickly stood up to the challenge and came up with an original set up, by coupling up QuickSilver ceramic coated catalyst replacement pipes with an excellent Capristo OBD wizard.

The original catalysts on the 675LT are the source of the restriction – both from sound and power point of view.  By deleting them altogether, we reduced exhaust gas back pressure resulting in more efficient exhaust gas flow generating improvement in throttle response, turbo spool-up , but also instantaneously enhancing the sound for louder, more sporting and more high pitched motorsport style note. Most importantly, this effect does not only apply to high revs, but is clearly audible throughout the whole scale of range. There is an approximate power increase of 22hp by this installation!

Mc Laren 675LT

The volcanic, black ceramic coating used by QuickSilver offers a substantial temperature reduction of over 110 degrees Celsius, which results in lowering the under the bonnet heat to only 27.5 degrees with 5.5% power increase.

The coating has been initially developed for the use in defence and nuclear industries because of the performance gains, extreme durability and chip resistance. This specification was quickly adopted by the top-level automotive sport brands achieving greater performance, reduced surface and ambient temperatures during car races. The shell black coating also undeniably adds a stunning and unique look to the car system.

QuickSilver cat pipe for McLaren 675LT

Some owners may be wondering how the emissions related check-engine light which results from fitting cat-replacement pipes was handled. Thankfully, there is a clever device on the market, which eliminates the annoying warning light on a dashboard. It has been designed by tuning specialists at Capristo specifically to detect and digitally remove cat specific-codes and error codes like 420, 430, 3270 etc from the car’s on-board diagnostics. It means we can make ANY catalyst adjustment to the car without triggering a check engine light and without masking any other engine errors.

Mc Laren 675LT

As for the final result, we achieved with this stunning 675LT, we think it is best to leave it to you to find out. Just click below to watch the video and hear the new QuickSilver replacement pipes in action. NOTE: The engines ECU limits static revving to 4000rpm only so you’ll have to wait for the “on-the-road” video to really hear how it sounds!

When Top Gear journalists first tested the McLaren 675LT, they gave it 10 out of 10 and called it “amazing and phenomenal”. It is indeed a very impressive piece of automotive art, but we wonder what they would say testing the car after we fine-tuned it…

If you are interested in refining your 675LT, give us a call on 866-684-0302 in US and Canada or +44 (0)1784 603102 from any other part of the world. You can also browse available options online by following this link.

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