Version 2 Capristo Ferrari engine bonnet for the 488 Spider

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In January this year you could read about one of our recent Ferrari 458 Spider transformations. We uncovered the beautiful engine, hidden by the Maranello factory under the metal bonnet. Just a few weeks went passed, and we heard from the skilful Capristo designers again. They were working their drawing boards hard to come up with a similar option for the 488 Spider owners as well. Say hi to the brand-new Capristo Ferrari engine bonnet Version 2…

The reason we were working on the 458 Spider earlier this year was the owner who wanted to improve on stylish, yet rather slightly understated original engine cover mounted by Ferrari in all 458 Spiders.

Where’s the clear glass cover allowing you to admire the engine?

If you go back in memory you might recall the fantastic 360 and 430 Spiders, which both were fitted with a clear glass engine cover showing off their state-of-the-art beating hearts. It is a beautiful heritage which Ferrari seems to be going away from, however, many 488 Spider owners are actually interested in reviving this design.

Ferrari 430 Spider
Great option for those who wanted to admire the engine powering the Ferrari 430 Spider.

The Capristo carbon and glass engine bonnet is definitely one of our bestsellers on the aftermarket list for the 488. No wonder the German designers quickly picked up on this niche demand and went back to the drawing boards. They wanted to provide even more choice for those of the owners who are frustrated with the opaque, metal cover.

The brand-new, Version 2 has just been released and is already available for order through our website.

Version 2 is exclusively manufactured in Capristo’s new forged carbon press with billet steel moulds to ensure maximum strength. The factory uses Type L weave pattern for all Ferrari Carbon Fibre components to perfectly match OEM carbon elements.

Capristo Ferrari 488 Spider engine bonnet
Brand new Version 2 Capristo Ferrari 488 Spider engine bonnet

The interior is gloss finished OEM Ferrari weave with a primed (ready to paint match) exterior. The bonnet includes ventilation ports with safety screen, and a large glass panel for engine display.

Capristo also includes the option to reuse the OEM GPS module, which is applicable to all 488s in North American specifications, offering the Version 2 in GPS and Non-GPS glass panel versions.

The Capristo Version 2 engine cover gives the 488 Spider the same silhouette, but with an added benefit for those who are admiring Maranello engines and would like to expose them a little bit more than the factory does. Check out our new video clearly showing before and after versions and let us know what you think!


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