McLaren 570S transformed by Scuderia

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The McLaren 570S is one of the hottest cars on the market right now and we have made some great upgrades to a lucky customer’s very own 570S.

This car had an extensive overhaul based on the customer’s feedback on what he felt needed improving, and our recommendations on the best products on the market. Although the car has generally received outstanding reviews from automotive journalists, there are some aspects of the car that could be improved aesthetically and with the car’s sound. First was the Novitec Carbon Rear Wing – the owner echoed familiar feedback that the rear end of this beautiful car felt a little ‘bare’ and in need of a little more aggression. This wing complements the original lines of the car perfectly and is made from 100% carbon fibre in a gloss finish.

McLaren 570S Rear Wing Before and After

Next was a complete direct exit decat exhaust system

This exhaust system from Novitec unleashes the sporting sound this exotic car deserves. Normally, the stock car is completely strangled by a combination of the turbochargers and a very restrictive original exhaust. But this exhaust system really changes this car’s personality and gives a throaty tone from the 8-cylinder engine – it also gives satisfying cracks when revving too.

Finally, some finishing touches to round off a completely custom look

We added new gloss black wheels, roof and wing mirrors and the callipers were also painted to match the striking red bodywork. We think these upgrades really give the exterior of this 570S a lift aesthetically and makes the car look like what it should have done coming out of the factory.

Novitec Type MC1 Forged Wheels for McLaren 570S

McLaren 570S Roof

McLaren 570S Wing Mirrors

Also available, but not fitted to this car, is the Novitec’s N-Tronic Power Kit, which alone would bring the car up to 622HP – a huge figure for such a light and nimble car. Combined this with the sports exhaust, this figure can be further improved.

The numbers speak for themselves…
• 570 -> 622hp (+52hp!) (642hp with the exhaust, +72hp!)
• 600 -> 677Nm torque (+77Nm!)
• 0-100km/h in 3.0s!

We have completed these quality upgrades to this 570S with help from our friends over at Novitec.

The car has now been transformed from a completely stock McLaren 570S to a car that sounds like it should do and looks even better too. The contrast between the red paintwork and the glossy black texture of the carbon fibre is accentuated and the addition of painted black wheels really makes this car stand out on the road. Of course, the exhaust makes a huge difference too, with the Novitec system providing a great tone and more volume to that twin-turbo V8 soundtrack.

If you’d like to get in contact with us about making performance upgrades to your own car, feel free to call one of our expert sales team on +44 (0)1784 434395 to learn more about the different options available for your car.

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