Differentiate your Ferrari with original Ferrari wheels themselves!

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Our customer advisors very often receive phone calls from the Ferrari owners who are interested in slightly improving handling characteristics of their cars and at the same time enhancing the looks. We can chat about this subject forever, but our final answer is always the same – start by looking at Ferrari’s own wheels.

As learned from our customers and experience, many automotive enthusiasts who own one of the Maranello prancing horses, would like to stay as pure and loyal to the brand as possible. They are, however, often looking for ways to enhance, either the look of their car or, somewhat improve its handling. Luckily for those Ferrari supercar owners there are many different wheel brands and designs to choose from. But, as not many owners know, they can start by expanding their search to Ferrari’s own limited-edition wheels as well to make their prancing horse even more unique.


These five types above are the factory options, starting from left: standard cast wheels, forged painted and chromed, forged painted silver, forged diamond cut and forged ferro grey.

However, there are several sets of other genuine wheels reserved by the Ferrari factory to limited editions like Speciale or rare Aperta. These are available on the market, but most importantly, will fit any other 458 perfectly well.

458 Speciale Wheels

The picture shows factory Ferrari wheels available for the 458 Speciale owners, from the left, standard wheels, painted matte black and painted matte gold.

In 2014, Ferrari made the genuine 458 Speciale wheels available to all other Italia and Spider owners, much to our customers’ delight. These wheels are ever popular and really can make an improvement to your base Italia or Spider as highlighted by the pictures below.

458 Speciale Aperta wheels

If you move to Aperta specific wheels you will also gain a few more options. The Aperta is one of the most “hardcore” V8 Roadster that Ferrari produced and therefore the wheels have also been designed with performance, speed and assertive style in mind. These “5-spoke, 20” wheels not only look great, but seriously aid performance.

The design follows the same colour scheme as the Speciale wheels, but also includes one of our best sellers and Ferrari owners’ favourites – a diamond polished version that helps to define the 458 as one of the best-looking cars on the road.

The best news is that although the offset on the Aperta is more aggressive, these wheels will still fit any Ferrari 458 including Italia, Spider and Speciale.


The original replacement wheels do not come with accessories, which might need to be purchased along the rims.

1)Wheel, 2) Tire 3) Wheel stud 4) Valve 5) Counterweight 6) Hubcup 7) Tire pressure monitoring system

If you are thinking of replacing your 458 wheels you need to remember that you will be able to use the original tires, however, you will need to purchase valves, bolts, and pretty much all elements from the picture above from position 4 to 7.

Ease of implementation

These wheel changes are incredibly easy.  The new wheels bolt onto your car, like the originals, and are balanced in a matter of minutes without any further work. 


One of the other smartest Ferrari wheels upgrades is to install the F12 TDF wheels on Ferrari F12 and similarly, the 599 GTO wheels on base Ferrari 599 GTB. Stay tune for blog post dedicated to these models.

Feel free to contact one of our expert customer care advisors to enquire about genuine Ferrari wheels and an advise on which design would fit your car best.

You can reach us by calling 866 684 8349 in North America or +44 (0) 1784 603125 from anywhere else in the world. You can also get in touch by email at sales@scuderiacarparts.com

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