An F430 exhaust for the ages…

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Our Capristo exhaust for your 430 to this day is still genuinely the best sounding exhaust I’ve ever heard on any road car. That screaming V8 is truly wonderful, and no Ferrari has surpassed it since.  At cruising the car now has a wonderful rich, fruitier exhaust note, and when you put your foot down it really is F1 for the road!

Capristo’s ‘Racing’ exhaust is essentially a traditional non-valve exhaust rear silencer with new tail pipes included. The tail pipes are a dual-rolled chrome design which is more substantial and sporting than the original tail pipes, without looking ‘aftermarket’.

Fit the Capristo exhaust and straight away from start-up the car explodes into life with a deep, sporting growl, as if the engine itself had been enlarged. Now, you get a lovely, full sporting note even at cruising which is never intrusive but completely brings the car to life.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE – the exhaust gases are always fed to the muffler, the stock system sends the exhaust gases straight out the back of the car – so you may be concerned about the volume level with this system, we can assure you that there is no need to worry – changing the rear muffler augments the tone, if we start decatting the car that’s when the volume really starts to change!

And at the higher revs, the car is much higher pitched – if you fit the complete system it’s almost like a 1990s F1 car and essentially the wildest, most exciting sound you will ever hear on a road car. I can’t really do it justice through text, just take a look at the video below to get an idea of what I mean…

In simple terms, the cat replacement pipes work to reduce exhaust gas backpressure (think of backpressure as the resistance on the pistons on the upward stroke of the combustion cycle as the pistons move up and expel gasses from the combustion chamber).  Backpressure is caused by exhaust gas not being able to escape from the combustion chamber at the optimum rate due to a restrictive exhaust system. The more aggressive the exhaust system (delete cats, change manifolds for racing types, change rear muffler) the more that backpressure is reduced. Reducing backpressure increases efficiency and therefore increases POWER as well as making the car sound even more incredible!

We also supply Capristo’s OBD Wizard with this kit – removing the cats will cause a warning light, this OBD wizard is a small box that plugs into the OBD port in the driver’s footwell. This module scans for P Codes relating to emissions errors and clears them down. This way there’s no need to remap!

These high-performance Headers made from 1.4828 (T309 (1.4828)) grade stainless steel were designed for the Ferrari 430 Coupe/Spider and Challenge.

The 4-2-1 design of these headers maximizes torque and horsepower in the midrange of the power envelope, right where the driver needs it. The bends and connection points are of a constant radius design which maximizes the exhaust gas flow. These headers are built as light and durable as possible.

These high-performance headers bring a noticeable increase in power and torque. Since they are compatible with the original catalytic converters, the headers can also be used as a cost-effective substitute for defective OEM headers.

The headers come standard with the new innovative CAPRISTO Heat Shield. The Heat Shields are made from a very high-heat resistant material, initially developed and used by NASA. This helps to reduce radiant heat from the exhaust headers and sports catalysts. The shields are heat resistant for temperatures of up to 1300 degrees Celsius.

Reduced heat or temperatures in the engine compartment improves performance. Cooler air boxes result in cooler air temperature for the engine to “breath-in”. In turn, the denser air makes more horsepower.

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