The Alpha-Urus

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The Lamborghini Urus is becoming a staple of any serious petrolheads garage, the ultimate in utilitarian power. A supercar you can actually use, live with and enjoy. Previously this rarefied air was only being breathed by the RS6, then came the FF/GTC4 and now Lamborghini have hit back…and they’ve hit back hard.

Out the box the car looks amazing, but the keen eyed amongst us noticed that there was something slightly disproportionate about its overall appearance, and it wasn’t until we laid eyes on a Novitec Esteso Urus that we realised exactly what was wrong.

The kit comprises, in its most basic form, of a new front lip spoiler, widened front and rear wheel arches, flared side skirts and a new rear diffuser.

Now the customer who ordered this kit from us specced the car to the nines, he swapped out the standard plastic diffuser for the carbon fibre one, ordered pretty much every carbon trinket available for the car (including mirror caps, front bumper inserts, mirror caps, rear deck spoiler, rear roof spoiler)…to say this car has serious road presence is a complete and utter understatement.

To go along with the widened kit and carbon items the customer also ordered the Novitec bonnet, complete with carbon fibre insert in the upper part. This may be one of the strongest contributing items to the menace that this car now possesses.

To fill out the new wheel arches new wheels were in order, and Novitec’s NL4 centre-lock look wheels were the obvious choice. The offset of these 23-inch wheels is specifically crafted to accentuate the wheel arches as best as possible. The range of possible colours is absolutely vast, but eventually ourselves and customer settled on Vossen’s stunning “Bronzino” colour which sits beneath the black of the bodywork beautifully.

To finalise the car the customer also specified a catback exhaust which comprises of the following items:

  • Rear silencers with valves
  • X pipe link section
  • Y pipe link section
  • Remote kit to operate the valves

The X pipe section serves to blend the exhaust gases from the left and right banks together before they hit the rear silencer, the Y pipe section is essentially a link pipe which links the x pipe/rear silencer to the catalytic converters.

Novitec also offer cat replacement pipes and 100-cell sport cats for those looking to take their exhaust above and beyond.

This is now easily the best looking Urus we’ve ever seen, and quite frankly makes every standard car look slightly weedy…this is what they should all look like!

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