Refresh your Ferrari 458 for the summer!

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We have a whole variety of upgrades available for each incarnation of the Ferrari 458, so if you own a Speciale, Italia, Spider or Speciale Aperta, then take a look at these exclusive offers we have available in the build up to the summer.

Speciale Aperta Wheels

The sleek and beautiful 458 Speciale Aperta is an improvement on the standard Speciale with its open top and brand new, limited edition wheels. These 5-spoke, 20” wheels have been designed with weight and style in mind, creating a wheel that not only looks great, but aids performance. These lighter forged wheels reduce power loss under acceleration and increase braking performance, whilst highlighting aggressive design.

The wheels are a twist on the classic 5-spoke design, and the three different finishes; Corsa Grey, Matte Gold and the NEW Diamond Polished underline the aggressive look Ferrari is trying to achieve. The good news is that these wheels have the same specification as the Speciale, so they will fit all other 458 variants.


We can also provide Michelin Pilot Sport CUP2 K1 tyres to accompany your new wheels. These high performance tyres are the result of a long standing relationship between Ferrari and Michelin and are equipped on the Speciale and Speciale Aperta by Ferrari as standard. They’re purpose built to give increased grip and stability, and, as such, are a great addition to your wheel order, dynamically bringing your base 458 Coupe or Spider that little bit closer to the ‘Speciale’ specification.

And to complete the set, we are also offering genuine Ferrari ultra-lightweight titanium wheel bolts that further reduce unsprung mass. With the weight cut in half, combined with the lighter wheels, you benefit from a clear improvement in suspension and steering response on the road. You really can’t go wrong with this fantastic three-piece combination that will really boost the look and performance of your 458.


Carbon Fibre from Capristo


Capristo offer a whole host of carbon fibre products to improve the aesthetics and aerodynamics for the variants of the Ferrari 458. These include front wing tips, fuel caps, rear diffusers, wing mirrors, front and side fins, air intakes and spoilers. On top of this, there is a selection of carbon products that make up an engine bay kit which we are currently offering as a special package (the airbox even gives a touch more performance due to an improved design).

  • 1) Airbox
  • 2) Front Cover
  • 3) Side Covers
  • 4) Lock Cover


  • Our exclusive Capristo carbon fibre engine bay package:
    GBP: £2,650         USD: $3,995

Carbon fibre floor mats from Ferrari


Floor mats might not currently be at the top of your 458 upgrade list, but that’s probably because you had no idea that Ferrari had gone to the trouble of innovating the worlds first, technology patented, carbon fibre floor mats. These prestige car mats include an aluminium cap with the Prancing Horse emblem printed on them and the passenger’s side also includes the car model insignia laser cut into a thin sheet of metal. Not only do these mats look fantastic, but the clear-coat finish they have adds grip underfoot to prevent slippage in the footwell.

  • Our price for Ferrari Carbon fibre floor mats:
  • GBP: £465         USD: $685

Ferrari Titanium Tailpipes

These genuine Ferrari titanium tailpipes for the 458 really improve the look at the rear of the car. They are developed in the same stylistic manner as the factory tailpipes, but are differentiated by some key additions. For example, these tailpipes include an inliner which reduces the exhaust fume particulate that soils the outlet, which is something you will definitely want to avoid, seeing as they’ve been finished with a beautiful chromatic colour.


Despite being made from titanium as well, they contrast perfectly with the darker, more opaque bumper grille as they are born from a different mechanical process which creates the difference in colour. They have a micro-engraving of the Ferrari logo lasered directly on, plus they are 50% lighter than the factory product, significantly reducing the weight of the component.

  • Our price for Ferrari titanium tailpipes:
    GBP: £995         USD: $1,495

Remember you can call us on 888-527-9396 toll free if you are in the U.S/Canada or +44(0)1784 434395 from anywhere else in the world. Alternatively, email to make an enquiry or get more information on these or any other products. We look forward to hearing from you!

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