OZ Wheels – Racing pedigree for an M3

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It’s not often we get to make an announcement as exciting as this! We now carry the full range of OZ Racing wheels and we couldn’t be happier.

OZ is special for a number of reasons, but most prominent amongst those reasons is their almost unparalleled racing credibility.

OZ currently supply wheels to the Scuderia Ferrari, Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport, Red Bull Racing and Renault Sport Formula 1 team. They also supply wheels for 90% of the WRC teams, 80% of the IndyCar teams as well as being exclusive suppliers for the FIA Formula 2 championship and GP3 series. There’s little more assurance of the quality of a product than the cutting edge of motorsport racing employing said product in applications as different as Formula 1 and the World Rally Championship.

OZ also supplies wheels in OEM applications for brands such as Bertone, Pininfarina, AMG and Hartge – as well as producing wheels in partnership with the legendary Sparco.

As you can see, they are a demonstrably credible brand that has had the benefit of some of the most demanding environments in which to develop and test their product!

Now, on to the car at hand in this particular update – the BMW M3 (F80). For this particular car, the client optioned the instantly recognizable Ultraleggera HLT in 20” front and rear. The wheels come in 3 different profiles – Flat, Concave, and Deep Concave.

For this car particularly we chose the Flat profile for the front wheels and Concave for the rear wheels. To complement this selection, we installed 20mm spacers on the front wheels to ensure that the wheel arches were filled perfectly. Because the rear wheels were specced in the Concave profile there was no need to install spacers – the wheels were already pushed out perfectly to meet the arches.

As for weights the OZ wheels come in at 9.7kg per wheel, while the OEM wheels come in at 12.23kg per wheel. This results in an overall weight saving of 10.12kg overall, but crucially this is 10kg of unsprung weight. The unsprung mass is the mass of the suspension, wheels and other components directly connected to them, rather than supported by the suspension. 1kg of unsprung weight is usually equivalent to 10kg of sprung weight in terms of the effect it has on the car’s handling. So while 10kg might not sound dramatic, it would have the same effect as removing about 100kg from the interior of the car…we don’t need to tell you how substantial that is…

The fantastic thing about OZ wheels is that they product speaks for itself; this is no lifestyle brand – this is a brand that has countless race wins under its belt thanks to years and years of development of an almost unmatched product.

Please see our website for the full range of OZ wheels, all wheels are available in a range of finishes – please enquire for further information

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