A Refined Howl from a Timeless Design

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The Porsche 911 GT3 cannot possibly be described as a subtle car with 12.5inch wide tires, a rear wing big enough to eat Sunday lunch from, and air intakes big enough to swallow a Boeing 747! The one thing that simply doesn’t match the rest of the car is the noise coming out of the exhaust. We all know it really doesn’t match the performance and styling of the car – Muffled, hidden, quiet, and flat. The reason for this, as I’m sure you’ve seen us talk about before, is that the car needs to be produced to legally meet the requirements of every single market the car is sold in.

The result of this is a street-legal racing car that has three completely unnecessary, over the top silencers. This is exactly what the customer of this white Porsche 911.1 GT3 thought, and why we supplied and installed this Cargraphic Full Sport Exhaust System Kit 6 Lightweight system on his car.

Cargraphic has been producing tuning products since 1984, and currently specialize in Porsche systems amongst a whole host of other marques. All manufacturing takes place in Germany alongside strict quality control, meaning the only question left is when, not if you’ll install a Cargraphic exhaust.

If you listen to the video above, you can hear how this exhaust turns the car into a track weapon which sounds as good as it looks! Crucially, however, this exhaust still allows you to use the original button on the centre console to open or close the valves. Meaning when you want to wake up the other side of the earth with an unruly howl from behind your ears you can. But when you want to leave for work at 5 am without waking your entire neighborhood you won’t even have to think twice.

Ultimately, the vastly improved noise comes from removing the wheel arch silencers that Porsche is so intent on installing. Then the 800 cell cats are swapped out for completely road legal 200 cell sport cats, which results in significantly reduced engine backpressure, allowing the engine to breathe properly and develop more power. Subsequently allowing the full noise of the engine to come flying out of the lightweight final silencer replacement.

Key stats you might want to know if the audio alone didn’t persuade you that this is the exhaust for you are a 21kg weight saving and increase of 20Hp and 19Nm torque. The best thing about this exhaust? There’s no ECU programming required to stop engine warning lights appearing, meaning you can just as easily install this exhaust as you can uninstall it, leaving no warranty, car value, or permanent changes for you to stress about!

If you’re interested in finally giving your Porsche 911 GT3 the ability to breath, scream and howl like it should have from stock, then contact our tuning sales for your own personalized quote!

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