McLaren 720S N-Largo

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I think we’re past the point of wondering if the N Largo Kits from Novitec are worth waiting for. Finally it’s been released and Scuderia Car Parts are ready to ship it to anywhere in the world! Take a look at some of the details below and get in touch if you have any questions!

The New wide body kit is as always going to be snagged up by owners trying to make their 720s the most unique and special on the road, the best thing about Novitec – The ability to make almost any option or spec unique, with countless customizable colours, sizes, and parts. Your car will always be that little bit different to any other owner.

First things first –  Perhaps most importantly  – Power and Exhaust Upgrades:

  • Novitec N Tronic (772Hp & 849Nm)
  • Novitec Power Stage 2 (806Hp & 878 Nm)
    • N Tronic
    • Power Optimized Race Exhaust System with complete heat protection
    • Cat replacement pipes
    • Techtronic module to cancel CEL
  • Novitec Power Stage 3 (791Hp & 863 Nm)
    • N Tronic
    • Power Optimized Race Exhaust System with complete heat protection
    • 100 Cell Sport Metal Cats for reduced back pressure
    • Techtronic module to cancel CEL


Next we have the huge catalogue of Carbon add on parts most importantly featuring the wide body kit:

  • Novitec 720S Wide Body Kit Primed for painting
  • Front bumper inserts in carbon fibre
  • Mirror covers in carbon fibre
  • Rear & roof spoilers in carbon fibre
  • Trunk lid cover in carbon fibre
  • Fender attachments in carbon fibre
  • Side panels in carbon fibre


What will undoubtedly be the most popular piece from this list are the colossal lateral rear bumper covers in carbon, which you can see below:

To finish the 720S off you then have a wide selection of wheels and suspension components allowing you to make the car as aggressive and track ready as you’d like, or ready to simple cruise down the streets on a set of stunning 21’’ Anthracite MC1 wheels! If you want to add that final touch then consider lowering the car with a set of Novitec sport springs, or push the wheels to the maximum viewing angle with a set of 15mm spacers to give the car the most aggressive stance possible!

Get in touch now too see how quickly we can make your 720S look as good as the performance it has to offer!

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