Novitec Rosso converts the Ferrari 488 GTB

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The Ferrari 488 GTB is the latest Prancing horse to receive the treatment from German tuning house Novitec Rosso. The sophisticated refinement program for the Ferrari 488 GTB includes powerful engine tuning, strikingly styled and aerodynamically efficient bodywork components made from naked carbon, a brand new set of tailor-made, hi-tech NF7 wheels, a finely tuned sports exhaust, suspension modifications and cock pit customisations.


The Novitec engineers have developed several different performance kits for the 3.9L twin-turbo V6 engine, and as a special feature, these will be activated and deactivated in a flash with the Manettino dial on the steering wheel. As a combination, the Novitec sports exhaust should be installed and is available in either high-grade stainless steel or in lightweight Inconel.

These upgrades equate to 76 kW / 102 hp more than the production engine and +132 Nm of torque. This increase in output to 568 kW / 772 hp at 7,950 rpm naturally also benefits the cars performance; the 488 GTB’s acceleration and top speed stats now show 0-100 km/h in just 2.8 seconds and a 342 km/h top speed. However, performance is not just judged on paper, the 488 GTB now has even more instantaneous throttle response and more powerful in-gear acceleration on the road.

Aerodynamic & Cosmetic Upgrades


The Novitec designers not only emphasized thrilling looks with this conversion, but also (and above all) aerodynamic efficiency. The ‘Naked’ Carbon Fibre exterior upgrades include: Front Splitter, Front Flaps, Front Spoiler Lip, Rear Air Outlets, Rear Diffusor, Spoiler Lip or Rear Wing, Tail Light Covers, Fog Light Cover, Side Panels, Side Air Intakes, Side Window Covers and Mirror Covers.

To this end, the mid-engined turbo now has a further reduction in lift at high speeds, as well as having an even sportier stance.


Of course, the wheels have a decisive influence on the look of a vehicle, so Novitec offer the NF4 alloys for the 488 GTB (also found on the California, California T, F12, 458, FF and 599 GTO), but have also developed a brand new set of three-piece ‘NF7’ wheels.


The design of these new NF7 wheels (pictured above) features ten delicate spokes and combines 21-inch front wheels with 22-inch wheels at the rear, mounted with Pirelli P Zero tyres (front: 255/30 ZR 21 tyres, rear: 335/25 ZR 22) which provide maximum grip.


The Novitec sports suspension lowers the Ferrari 488 by 35mm, but the hydraulic front lift system also alows the driver to raise the front of the car by 40mm at the touch of a button to make life a little easier when faced with obstacles such as speed bumps and garage ramps. The front end reverts to its original position at a second touch of the button or automatically upon reaching a speed of 80 km/h.



Other utterly sophisticated Novitec Rosso features are the halmark black lights for the rear, third brake light and indicators. On top of this, the cockpit can be fully customised with everything from longer carbon paddle shifters, to an exclusive leather and Alcantara interior finish.


Scuderia Car Parts is the Exclusive UK Distributor of Novitec Rosso parts, so please get in contact with our knowledgeable and friendly sales team on +44 (0)1784 603125 or fill out an enquiry form HERE to make an enquiry for the Ferrari 488 GTB conversion kit.

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