I thought my supercar was perfect…

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It’s easy to think that your supercar is perfect already because you’ve bought it from a trusted dealership and from one of the world’s most recognisable brands. Plus, we understand your reservations when people talk about ‘custom jobs’, ‘tuning’ and ‘modifications’- it sounds like sacrilege to the famous badge you’re sitting behind. However, there are plenty of ways that you can make your beloved supercar a bit more individual to reflect your character, whilst also adding value, instead of breaking the bank!

Even manufacturers like Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche are highly restricted. They have to build their cars to a price that is commercially viable, complying to market regulations along the way, whilst also making models that are not too heavily focussed in one area like handling, noise or flamboyance. This means that they invariably have to compromise in certain areas and sell to a relatively broad audience within the supercar segment, not to you as an individual.

In this article, we hope these four Case Studies will show you how you can add more BHP, reduce weight or boost performance to bring your pride and joy that much closer to perfection, without compromising the integrity of your supercar. Whether you own a Ferrari 458, Lamborghini Aventador, Porsche 997 or a 430 Scuderia, we can show you how these already incredible cars CAN be improved. Likewise, if you own one of the many hundreds of other supercars on the market that we haven’t featured here, we will still be able to help, just email us now to find out how!


  • ” Wait, I couldn’t possibly fit an aftermarket product to my supercar because it will void my warranty.”

It is completely illegal for a franchised dealer to threaten to revoke your warranty if you do not choose to use the original manufacturer’s services or parts under the ‘Block Exemption Regulation (BOR) 2010’. If they do so, they are in breach of the EU Anti-competition Directives and are liable for prosecution. Please read our full article entitled ‘Will an Aftermarket Upgrade Violate or Void My Warranty?’ for greater insight if you are still concerned.

CASE STUDY 1: “There’s too much plastic on my Ferrari 458!”

We agree! For a car costing around £200,000, there’s rather too much plastic on the factory model of the Ferrari 458. This is why we offer a complete range of beautiful carbon fibre exterior, interior and engine panels that will really add to the look of your prized possession. They will also marginally reduce weight, but crucially, cost a fraction of the price you can expect to pay Ferrari for the equivalent parts.


Here is a great example of what the rear of your 458 could look like with some additional carbon parts- it looks cleaner, smarter and more unique. This 458 in particular features a carbon rear diffuser, rear diffuser fins, rear fog light surrounds and even a carbon rear skirt, which is an additional piece, not just a carbon replica of a standard part.

There are, however, a whole host of other carbon parts that we offer and a lot of them feature in our ‘Genuine Ferrari 458 Accessories’ article that you can peruse for some more inspiration. So make the smart choice and add some incredibly well priced carbon fibre from this extensive range and give your 458 the finish it deserves.

Customer Testimonial

  • “My 458 will have its engine lid open and Ferrari owners will be in no doubt where the
    superb Novitec engine carbon parts came from…”
  •  – A Ferrari Owners Club Area Organiser, South of England


CASE STUDY 2: “How can I reliably increase power output on my 997 GT2?”

With consummate ease. We can install a gentle power kit which includes a Capristo sports exhaust with air filter and ECU Map. With this installation, you can expect a massive 90bhp plug-in power increase, without compromising the reliability of the engine or burning a hole in your wallet. The installation should only take about a day of work, so your Porsche should be back on the road in no time at all.


The way the power kit works is pretty simple; our stainless steel sports exhaust includes a set of sport catalysts and a high-flow rear muffler which works to drop backpressure. This is especially important on Turbocharged cars where dropping backpressure allows the turbos to spool up harder and lower down the rev range, giving more power, earlier!

At the same time, the performance filter kit will allow more air into the intake manifold (in ideal conditions), which will augment the efficiency gained from fitting the exhaust. Finally, the ECU upgrade then simply maps the engine to ‘make best use’ of the improved intake and exhaust efficiency and allows the engine to be fuelled more aggressively. For this turbocharged car, the ECU can be mapped to allow a slightly increased peak boost pressure as well to further bump power without compromising reliability.

Customer Testimonial

  • “Sounds proper now! Real improvement in throttle response and low rpm torque. Really happy.”
  • – Mr G.H. from Surrey, UK.


CASE STUDY 3: “I have the OEM Lamborghini ‘sports exhaust’ but my Aventador is still too quiet…”

It’s no surprise that you find the factory ‘sports exhaust’ too quiet- it is homologated to comply with the EU noise regulations for new cars. Lamborghini’s hands were tied in the design phase and so the sound of the original part is severely limited in comparison to an aftermarket product like the Capristo exhaust pictured below. So if you crave a bit more depth to your growl, then this is the way to really unleash the sound of your Aventador!


Fitted with a Capristo sports exhaust, your Aventador LP-700 will have the classic Lamborghini V12 tone- deep, throaty and aggressive, but as the revs build, the exhaust note will become much more extreme. In open valve mode it’s almost a completely direct exit, designed to give the true engine sound, meaning it screams like an F1 car at high rpm and roars like a classic V12 Lamborghini at low rpm. And when you replace the catalysts with the test pipes, the sound is even further enhanced.

You know when you buy Capristo that you’re buying both quality and ingenuity. This exhaust system will give you an additional 37bhp due to the decrease in backpressure and the huge reduction in weight (its two thirds lighter than the OEM part). Not only that, but it is made with high quality T309 grade stainless steel, which ensures maximum heat protection, helping to reduce temperatures while allowing exhaust gasses to flow far quicker through it. Finally, the remote control system fits handily onto a keyring where you can control whether the valves are open or closed, as well as manually lowering or raising the rear wing.

Customer Testimonial

  • “It’s absolutely ballistic! It’ll definitely make the next ten thousand miles
    even more enjoyable than the first ten thousand!!!”
  • – Mr J.E. Aventador Roadster owner from Sussex, UK.


CASE STUDY 4: “My Ferrari 430 Scuderia understeers too much on track – what can you do?”

We offer a great value-for-money 430 Scuderia track optimisation package that makes the car sharper, a little more individual and improves both the road and track response. This package will not only make your car look absolutely fantastic, but give it that racing edge that was somewhat numbed by Ferrari in the factory version to make its handling more accessible to certain markets.


Your 430 will be fit with a set of extremely light, 599-GTO style forged racing wheels to improve suspension and steering response which in turn benefits your acceleration, braking and handling. These exclusive wheels are made in Japan by BBS and are even lighter than the forged optional wheels offered by Ferrari for the 16M. These wheels are great because they use the same size tyres as the stock wheels whilst widening the track of the car, increasing directional stability at both high and low speeds and yielding greater outright grip.

The car is also given a revised suspension geometry to optimise the chassis to work with the new wheels and wider track. This removes some of the understeer Ferrari built into the stock chassis and makes the car handle with more neutrality. This, combined with the lowering of the car reduces its centre of gravity, meaning there’s less weight transfer under acceleration and braking and so the entire car is a more responsive.

Customer Testimonial

  • “Big improvement. Feel much more confident now that the front end
    will hang on when you turn in! Car looks fantastic too!”
  • – Mr M.S. from London, UK


Other Supercars

There are hundreds of other supercars that we deal with on a regular basis, so never fear if you don’t own a Ferrari 458, 430 Scuderia, Lamborghini Aventador or Porsche 997, because we WILL be able to help you. Our skilled sales team will be able to talk you through exactly how you can improve your supercar, whatever model it is and wherever you live in the world. We pride ourselves on great customer service, tremendous product knowledge and with so many years of expereience behind us we know exactly which parts will have the greatest impact on your supercar. We look forward to hearing from you!

Call us now toll free:
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