Why this Ferrari FF with Novitec sports exhaust is going to blow your mind?

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Ferrari FF, according to the Maranello marketing team, is all about four: four-wheel drive and four comfortable seats that cocoon passengers and the driver. But engineers seem to push the important V12, which lives under the bonnet, to the second plan. Don’t panic, we have a fix for you – a Ferrari Novitec sports exhaust system.

A quick browse through the Ferrari Chat forum and you can quickly realise that most FF owners have one common complaint. The best to describe it is to quote a post by Noblesse Oblige, who said: “my major complaint about the car is that it is too quiet inside the cabin. It is just a little too subdued for me. I understand that the FF is meant to be more comfortable and refined than the sports cars, but I wanted to hear more V12.”

If you have spare time, then go ahead, and see the whole trail of other FF owners voicing their dissatisfaction in a similar manner. Small caution though: your finger might seize after the amount of scrolling you will have to do.

A customer of ours came to us with the same problem, complaining about the subdued engine sound.

The issue faced by the owners is, believe it or not, what Ferrari must follow to comply with the stringent new-car noise emissions legislation. It keeps the perfectly capable 6.3-litre V12 heart from releasing its full potential howl.

What is the best solution you ask? Novitec exhaust system is the answer. It is designed specifically for Ferrari characterised by the highest quality materials, a perfect fit and powerful sound characteristics. However, most importantly, Ferrari Novitec system passes the power of roar from the rigorous legislative bodies right where it should be – to the car owners themselves.

All you need is a set of Ferrari Novitec rear silencers with flap regulation, an X-pipe, which will allow the perfect conditions to blend gasses from both sides of V12 engine and a Capristo remote control to adjust the sound with the touch of a button whenever you want.

There is a time and a place for different sound levels and the upgrade lets the car owner to operate the valves located on a muffler. This means the driver has total control over sound delivery – for example, selecting quiet (valves closed) mode for early morning starts, late night returns, long distance tours or town centre traffic jams; and loud (valves open) mode for real driving allowing the amazing sound to be released from the engine.

The custom-tailored tailpipes also give the rear end of Ferrari FF a more aggressive and finished appearance.

This Ferrari FF received a new voice: It is now just about perfect. It can still hum along in comfort mode at cruising speeds, but now the full howl of the V12 is there at the owner’s command. Don’t believe us? Just watch the video below and let us know what you think.



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