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Novitec Power Optimized Exhaust System with Flap Regulation

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Ferrari FF Sport Exhaust System from Novitec

Ferrari FF Owners looking for an improvement in sound have three options or stages of upgrade:

  • Stage 1 sports rear silencers with valves and remote
  • Stage 2 sports rear silencers with valves and remote + An X-pipe to delete the central muffler (our most popular F12 upgrade)
  • Stage 3 sports rear silencers with valves and remote + An X-pipe to delete the central muffler + sports catalysts, Novitec ECU Upgrade (+ 70hp and extreme sound)

On this page we will detail our most popular stage - Stage 2.

Here, we replace your original rear silencers with Novitec Sport Rear Silencers and change your X Pipe to replace your stock central section and add a remote-control unit.

You'll know the FF is very quiet as standard, being designed to be as a GT car, and you have to essentially drive very aggressively to get any enjoyable exhaust note experience at all. When the valves in the original exhaust DO finally open, you get a fairly muted, strangled, muffled, and unexciting sound. The Novitec exhaust changes all of this - it's a transformation - not only is the exhaust more free-flowing and therefore louder all the time, combined with the remote control that is included (this allows you to open the valves up in the Novitec system at any point in the rev range), the sound difference over standard is massive.

You can sample the sound here of course - just watch the video above.

What's left out by the video however is comparison with how the stock exhaust develops its sound VS the Novitec: With the stock exhaust, the valves open all of a sudden - the car jumps from silent to loud in a just a moment. This doesn't happen with the Novitec - the exhaust note now builds in intensity, gradually and cleanly. All the while as the revs rise, the exhaust tone is changing so that when the owner reaches 5000rpm onwards the car is making a really amazing high pitched screaming motorsport sound, instead of the stock systems flat bark.

It's just a much more exciting louder sound which opens up that V12 sitting at the front. And of course, using the remote control button which can be supplied, you can bring the car back to a more discreet volume for long distance driving, and early starts, etc at any time, so the car sounds perfect for every occasion, and you don't have to sacrifice any of the day-to-day usability - you get all the excitement but can always switch it off to silent.

Now, there is a fair bit of confusion on the internet/forums etc about what brand of exhaust is the "best" for the modern V12 Ferraris.

We are quite clear on this: We work with all major exhaust brands (Novitec, IPE, Armytrix/FI/ etc) , and based on our experience the Novitec silencers for the F12 are the ones to choose:

There is NO brand out there which:

  • Gives the increase in volume over stock
  • Produces the same unparalleled scream and pitch
  • Gives a substantial difference between "open" and "closed"

For whatever reason, other silencers for the modern V12 Ferraris are just disappointing and we know that because, sadly, we've fitted them before. The Youtube clips on the internet are misleading and they typically demonstrate a car which has some stage-3 esque system fitted to it.

When a less aggressive stage 2 or 3 is fitted we've found all the other brands are too quiet, sound too close to stock and don't sound anything like as exciting as a Novitec exhaust.