Why don’t you have a sports exhaust?

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The sound produced by a sports car is absolutely essential to delivering an exhilarating driving experience – it always has been and will continue to be even in this modern age of electric hybrid motors. It is inextricably linked to the emotion, excitement and character of a performance car. It is for this reason that fitting a sports exhaust is the most cost effective way of discernibly improving your driving experience, whether you are in an Audi R8, Ferrari F50, Porsche 997 GT3 RS or anything in between.

Many performance car owners tend to think that the sound of their cars cannot be improved, but the reality is rather different. EU noise emission regulations limit the amount of sound that a NEW car can produce when delivered to the dealer. In many cases, this legislation has led to disappointing, strangled engine sounds, leading to a rather underwhelming experience. Furthermore, manufacturers themselves don’t always optimise the ‘TYPE’ of sound produced by the car, leading to LOUD cars, as opposed to a great sounding ones. Think of the difference between a Ferrari 430 and a Ferrari F355 – the former is noisy, but blaring and flat in tone, whereas the F355 delivers a beautifully high pitched F1 scream.

However, an aftermarket sports exhaust does not need to comply with the same EU noise regulations. Furthermore, amongst many other things,  it is optimised to give the car a beautiful sound – not just volume and this is where we can help…

We supply sports exhaust equipment which can utterly transform the driving experience of your sports car – no matter how good you think the car sounds already! In addition, our sports exhaust products reduce weight, lower temperatures and increase power (in some cases dramatically). Most of all though, they ‘open up’ and ‘hone’ the exhaust note of the car so that it’s not just producing noise, rather a fabulous sound, in keeping with the character of the car. Many systems are also switchable allowing the owner to select between loud and quiet modes at will so there is never an occasion where you feel the sound is excessive or intrusive – truly painless upgrades.

Check out these three examples below that highlight how a car can be transformed by a quality sports exhaust and get in touch HERE if you would like to enquire about which exhaust would best suit your car and needs!

Capristo Sports Exhaust – Audi R8 V10 ‘Plus’ X-pipe


Capristo are renowned as one of the very best sports exhaust manufacturers in the world and we are the exclusive sole UK Importer for Capristo, so this really is the only place to get your Audi R8 V10 ‘Plus’ X-Pipe exhaust.

The new generation Capristo X-pipe exhaust increases volume as well as raising the pitch of the exhaust note, as highlighted in the clip below. From low revs and part throttle, the car sounds harder, deeper and more aggressive – throatier, as if the engine itself has been enlarged. However as the revs rise, exhaust flow bypasses the muffler and into the X-pipe, transforming the note from this deep sound into a real high pitched, V10 roar. It’s loud and sensational, visceral stuff – essentially a sound to match the car.

As part of the system, there is a backpressure control device which the owner can programme. This unit ensures that even if the driver forgets to open the valves at high rpm, the valves will open themselves automatically after a certain backpressure is detected in the exhaust. This means that the engine will never lose power by having the exhaust valves in the closed (QUIET) position at high rpms.

The product is also supplied with a remote control that attaches nicely to your key set unit that operates the valves located on the muffler. This gives the driver total control over the sound delivery and volume. There are even three modes the driver can choose between; race, sport and cruise- all offering different volume levels for whatever the occasion calls for.


The exhaust has been made with higher quality T309 stainless steel to ensure long term reliability by reducing engine bay temperatures. This makes a considerable difference for a high performance vehicle such as the Audi R8. It’s also worth noting that the system can give has much as 22hp extra to an Audi R8 V10 which pushes the car over the 610bhp mark when combined with our ECU upgrade! Together with a 19kg weight reduction (approximately 30%) over the stock exhaust system, this exhaust system gives a material, discernible, improvement in performance. There simply is no better sports exhaust to fit to your Audi R8 V10 (or V8!)

  • All of this for the unbelievably low price of £2,850 + VAT
  • Email us now to make an enquiry or call 01784 434395 to speak with our friendly and knowledgeable sales team.

Seca Sports Exhaust – Ferrari F50


Seca Competizione are located in Italy and born of experience gained in Formula 1 and long years of motorsport exhaust fabrication. Their sports exhaust systems are focused on delivering the ultimate sound for each performance car whilst maintaining originality and practically. Each system is lovingly made by hand in stainless steel to give an impeccable finish and outstanding durability. Their emphasis on delivering a quality exhaust sound without downside is what distinguishes Seca from other exhaust manufacturers in the marketplace today with some of world’s finest products available.

Image shared through the Creative Commons License, via Eddy Clio

Image shared through the Creative Commons License, via Eddy Clio

We’ve chosen to profile their flagship product for the wild Ferrari F50. The F50 is probably the very greatest beneficiary of a sports exhaust system that we can think of. The F1 derived engine in the car which raced in the Ferrari 333SP Le Mans car was utterly strangled and silenced in an attempt to homologate it for road use. As a result, there are multiple package options for the Ferrari F50, including buying only the manifolds, test pipes or rear silencers, but the complete system is almost always specified because of the HUGE difference it makes to the car. It has been shown to give the F50 a huge 30-40bhp power gain – for a normally aspirated car with an engine as highly strung as this, that is a massive power increase for a plug in upgrade. On top of this, no invasive work is required to install the system – it can be reverted to standard just the same, there is no ECU reprogramming, no cutting or conversion – it simply bolts on.

The reality is though, that despite the power increase the complete exhaust provides, the full Seca Competizione exhaust for this car is typically purchased for one simple reason – SOUND. It really is F1 on the road. No other car comes close to this. The combination of a genuine F1-derived V12 engine and a sport exhaust system designed to completely unleash the engine, gives the finest engine/exhaust note combination that we have ever heard. It is a combination of Le Mans Group C race car with F1 – deep at low rpm and a crazed V12 scream at high rpm. Motoring sounds don’t come any better!

  • The price for the full system with racing rear muffler bypass option is £8,890 + VAT although our sales team can also give you quotes for individual components. 
  • Call us today on 01784 434395 to make an enquiry or email us HERE.

Cargraphic Sports Exhaust – Porsche 997 GT3 RS X-Pipe rear silencer, including end tips


Cargraphic are a German company whose main production line is a modern facility in the South West of England. They thrive off their own development, testing and production departments, supplying various car companies, high-end tuning and racing teams throughout the world. They are solely committed to selecting materials of the highest standards for a sublime optical-finish and an unmistakeable sound in order to provide the best exhaust for your car.

The product from Cargraphic that we are featuring here, is the Rear Silencer Replacement X-pipe for the Porsche 997 GT3 RS (and indeed all 997 GT3 variants) that comes in either matt black ceramic coating or brushed stainless steel with integrated exhaust tips. The build quality is superb, absorbing vibration to prevent stress cracking and allowing thermal expansion, which means you get a lot of reliability for your money.

Image shared through the Creative Commons License, via Eddy Clio

The original system is quite complicated in that it has three mufflers – two at the sides (left and right) and one in the middle of the car where the tailpipes come out from. With this Cargraphic exhaust though, the third is replaced with a straight through X-pipe that blends the exhaust flow, but does not silence it. This improves and increases the sound of the Flat 6 all the way through the rev range, but when ‘sport’ mode is selected on the dashboard, the side silencers are bypassed and exhaust gasses travel straight into the unsilenced X-pipe assembly, giving a fabulous 911 Cup Car type scream. Selecting between sport mode and the X-pipe effectively yields a switchable sports exhaust system that enables loud or full-on race type sound at the touch of a button!

  • This upgrade only costs £1,250 + VAT which is great value for an exhaust that will literally transform the sound of your car. Make an enquiry with us by clicking HERE or call our office on 01784 434395.

Likewise, if you have another supercar that hasn’t been featured here, then get in touch and we can advise you on which one would best suit your requirements, whether you are looking for more performance, a deeper growl or valve control.

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