Torado goes topless!

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Novitec Torado’s all-encompassing new programme for the Aventador Roadster is sure to have something for all owners. Whether it is pure power, a visceral F1 sound, sharper handling or just to ramp up the aggressive looks of the car even further, Novitec have the answer.

The Aventador is already one of the most extreme-looking cars that has ever been on the road but Novitec have taken things to another level. In our opinion it isn’t a Lamborghini unless it has a huge rear spoiler and Novitec have made sure your Roadster now can, available with either a single or double wing. The exterior of the car is also totally refreshed, with the jagged aggressive lines of the car made even more pronounced from all angles with new spoilers, a diffuser, side sills, and many other touches around the body of the car to give a very unique and incredibly stunning look. Specially designed for the Roadster are the new air scoops behind the head rests on either side of the engine bay bonnet. All of these pieces are available stand-alone and can be finished in matte or gloss carbon-fibre, as well as painted in colours of your choice.


Complimenting this look perfectly are Novitec’s NL1 wheels, now prepared for the Roadster. These ultra-lightweight wheels are designed to go hand-in-hand with Novitec suspension upgrades to not only make the car sit lower and meaner, but also to firm up handling during tight cornering. Both lowering springs and a complete height-adjustable coilover kit can be fitted to the car.


The Novitec exhaust for the Aventador needs little introduction by now – it creates a sound like no other – the car ticks over with a suitably menacing V12 rumble at idle and cruising, which quickly develops into a breath-taking, piercing high-pitched F1 scream when you put your foot down. Put simply, it is one of the wildest motoring sounds ever produced and sounds more like a fighter jet than a road car. Novitec’s exhaust is available in steel or Inconel and the secondary catalysts can also be replaced for the most extreme sound possible, and in conjunction with Novitec’s ECU maps the car can be given an extra 50bhp.

Please do email us at or call on +44 (0) 1784 434395 or on 888-527-9396 if you are in North America to get more information and pricing on any of Novitec Torado’s range or indeed any of the other products we offer for ALL sports and luxury cars.

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