The swansong of the V12 – an 812 Superfast worth hearing

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There’s the age-old adage “I wish I knew I was in the good old days”, well we’re here to inform you that these truly are the god old days and that they are to be enjoyed as much as possible before they’re gone.

Soon pretty much every car we can buy will sound like it’s from the Jetsons, and while the 812 represents the final high displacement V12, naturally aspirated platform we’re ever going to see from Ferrari – the 2020+ 812 is the first step towards this thanks to the introduction of the OPF/GPF.

The headline is this – all 2020+ Superfast/GTS are now fitted with the Otto Particulate filter. This is a very restrictive filter which is fitted after the cats (as one unit) – you may notice that your car seems exceptionally quiet, and THIS is what is causing it.

The exhaust path used to follow this pattern:

Manifolds – 800-cell Cats – Middle Silencer – Rear Silencers

But the exhaust now follows this patters:

Manifolds – 800-cell Cats / Otto Particulate Filter – Middle Silencer – Rear Silencers

As you can see there is a hell of a lot in the way of the exhaust, previously all we needed to do was install the following:

Manifolds – 800-cell Cats – X Pipe Rear Silencers

This was more than sufficient to elicit a really amazing exhaust note, but the OPF unit has meant that we need to be slightly more aggressive in our modification of the car,

As such we must now install the following parts:

Manifolds – 100-cell Catalytic converters / OPF deleteX Pipe Rear Silencers

This customer’s 812 is a 2020 car, and as such has fallen foul of the OPF/GPF trap – initially the car came in for a set of absolutely stunning NF8 wheels from Novitec x Vossen, lowering springs and a catback exhaust.

The owner was absolutely delighted with the results from the springs/wheels, but ultimately the Stage 2, catback exhaust simply wasn’t enough!

As such, we ordered him a set of Novitec sport cats, which not only removes the OPF/GPF but also replaced the very restrictive 800-cell OEM cats with high flow 100-cell sport cats.

Obviously, the sport cats will trigger a CEL, and the typical solution would be to remap the car to remove the warning light. Similarly, the removal of the OPF will also cause a warning light and would necessitate a remap – however Novitec have a far better solution.

They have created a device called the Tectronic, this is a small unit which is plugged into the OBD port in the driver’s footwell and left. It scans for the errors pertaining to the Sport Cats and OPF/GPF removal and clears the errors down.

What this means is that you have no CEL for these errors, if something else causes a CEL it will still display the error but for these two particular issues it will not. This means that all original parts can be reinstalled on the car at a later date and the car will be exactly as it was when it left the factory.

All in, this is truly the sports exhaust for the modern age – we’re all going to miss these engines when they’re gone…and unfortunately that day is no longer a question of if, but when…

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