Novitec upgrades for Lamborghini Huracan

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Novitec Torado, the specialist Lamborghini section of the Novitec Group, has just added the Huracan to its exclusive tuning program. Novitec Torado now offers Huracan owners aerodynamic-enhancement components which have been wind tunnel tested, high-tech forged wheels with matching suspension modifications, high-performance exhaust systems and exclusive options for the interior- all now available to purchase from Scuderia Car Parts.

The already aggressive looking Huracan has been given a spectacular facelift by Novitec Torado to emphasize the wedge-shaped design, further improve its handling stability at high speeds, and of course, make it even more eye-catching.


Novitec Torado are offering all aerodynamic parts in fiberglass ready for painting, or in clear-coated carbon-fibre, produced in an autoclave. Brand new aerodynamic elements designed by Novitec Torado include the following:

– The production bumper is upgraded with a front spoiler, central blade and side flaps as well as a special trunk lid with integrated air duct. Wind tunnel tests have demonstrated that the new aerodynamic-enhancement components reduce lift on the front axle, thereby further improving handling stability at high speeds.

– Rocker panels, carbon-fibre mirror covers and new side air intakes on the rear windows – these optimize the air supply to the engine bay and provided a real difference in the side-view styling of the Huracan which is still in keeping with the original design of the car.

– The new rear airfoil and diffuser gives the Huracan a racing look and generates maximum downforce on the rear axle. Owners who prefer a more subtle look can opt for a rear spoiler lip instead. The carbon-fibre rear surround for the taillights fits both variants.

– A tailor-made carbon-fibre engine bay cover creates an out-and-out racing atmosphere as well.

– Optional extra: Two hood scoops that shuffle more air to the engine and create an even more exciting appearance.


But the German tuning house have not stopped there. They also offer upgrades that enhance performance across the rest of the Lamborghini Huracan, including the wheels, sports exhaust, suspension and interior.

– Wheels: Three-piece NL1 (20/21”) alloys feature five double spokes and are manufactured using state-of-the-art forging technology. Also fitted with Pirelli P-Zero high-performance tires of size 245/30 ZR 20 on 9Jx20 rims at the front and size 325/25 ZR 21 tyres on 12.5Jx21 rims at the rear. This makes optimal use of the available space under the wheel arches.

Sports Exhaust: Novitec have developed a high-performance exhaust system that is available in stainless steel, available with or without active sound management by means of a controlled butterfly valve (cockpit button controlled). They have also developed another exhaust system made from Inconel, the material used in Formula 1 – both deliver optimized power delivery and offer weight savings over the production system. Novitec also offer lighter and more efficient sports catalysts.

Suspension: Sports springs lower the ride height of the Huracan by about 35 millimeters and are calibrated specifically to this tyre/wheel combination. Drivers preferring even sportier damper settings can opt for a height-adjustable coilover suspension that is currently under development.

Interior: Novitec also fulfills individual customer requests when it comes to designing the interior. Every inch of the finest leather and Alcantara in any desired color is finished with meticulous precision.

As an official Novitec distributer, Scuderia Car Parts is the place to come if you’re looking to upgrade your Lamborghini Huracan with tuning products. Call us on +44 (0)1784 434395 or alternatively, email us on and one of our knowledgeable and helpful sales advisors will be able to help you out.

The picture directly below was taken by us at the official Novitec Torado launch and shows the Lamborghini Huracan unveiled in the flesh:


Capristo launch a new Lamborghini Huracan sports exhaust

Aside from the Novitec Torado upgrades, there’s a brand new Capristo sports exhaust for the Lamborghini Huracan that we can also offer you as official distributors for Capristo. All you need to do is get in touch and we will talk you through any product offerings.


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