Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 Pirelli Edition

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In 2015, Lamborghini are celebrating a partnership with Pirelli that has seen every single Lamborghini since the 1963 350 GTV equipped with their tyres. And how do these automotive manufacturing giants celebrate? With true Italian flair and panache by launching a limited edition Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 Pirelli Edition available as both a coupé or a roadster.

The Pirelli Edition will have several modifications from the standard LP 700-4, but they will be purely aesthetic. The basic package for the Pirelli edition is likely to cost around £12k more than the standard £260k price tag, with optional extras obviously bringing that figure up further. However, for that you will have a piece of motoring history that will be both exclusive and distinctive.

The Pirelli Edition features a distinctive red line on the exterior

New and included features for the Pirelli Edition:

– Ten dedicated, two tone colour schemes with both matt and glossy colours and coloured brake calipers

– Painted Pirelli red stripes on exterior body

– Standard rims Dione 20”/21” High Gloss Black

– Dedicated Pirelli PZERO tyres with red stripe/Pirelli logo

– Exclusive Alcantara interior with red contrast stitching

– Specific red Alcantara stripe and Pirelli logo electro-welded with tailored patterns on seats

– Embroidered Pirelli logo on knee cushions

– Dedicated ‘Serie Speciale’ interior badge

– Enriched standard equipment

– Exterior details and T-engine cover in carbon fibre

– Transparent engine bonnet.


So the Pirelli edition has been developed with exclusivity in mind, with new colour combinations and materials. The striking red stripe that runs along the roof, engine hood and wing mirrors jumps out and grabs you, yet in contrast the matt black roof, a fixture of both models, shrouds the car in mystery. The Pirelli logo stands proud in red on the tyres that resemble the much-talked about Formula 1 wheels and have matching red calipers, just in case you were feeling a little inconspicuous.

The transparent engine bonnet comes as standard

The rear bonnet is partly made from glass and the engine cover is transparent as standard, mainly so that the voyeuristic kid in all of us can peep through that little window and see the magic happen. The engine itself has not been tinkered with so you will still be getting the 6.5 litre V12 that delivers 691 horsepower, a top speed of 217 mph and 0-62 mph in 2.9 seconds.


On the inside, the distinctive red stripe features heavily and uses Alcantara material that has been created specifically for this model. The Pirelli logo is woven in at the start and the stitching will be part of the seats, tunnel, dashboard, door panel, instrument cock pit and steering wheel. To finish, there will even be a ‘Pirelli Serie Speciale’ label just to make you feel extra special.

Colour scheme: Giallo Spica Yellow


The good news is that the roadster also follows the same design as the coupé with all of the upper part of the car in black, with the front pillars, hard top, cover bridge, rear fins, bonnet and moveable air intakes all in contrast with the rest of the bodywork. The interior is a carbon copy, apart from the obvious difference in material used for the roof and the two red Alcantara stripes have been taken out.

Colour Scheme

The roof, front pillars, rear view mirrors, front and movable air intakes, side and rear air outlets and engine bonnet are all always in black. Your choice is whether you have them in glossy or matt to contrast with the rest of paint work- if you want the body colour in matt, then these will be glossy and vice-versa. There are four new colours introduced for this special edition including the Giallo Spica yellow which can be seen in the picture above and draws inspiration from Pirelli’s brand colour.


Alternatively, if you don’t want to splash the cash on a new Pirelli Edition, you could modify your standard Aventador with a Novitec Torado Conversion kit which includes a sports exhaust, engine upgrade, custom wheels, exterior carbon fibre upgrades and more, or a Vorsteiner Aventador-V kit that includes carbon fibre upgrades for your active Aero Wing, front splitters, rear diffuser, side sill extension blades and livery kit.

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