Introducing the Novitec 720S N-Largo: Not your ordinary McLaren 720s!

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Supercar tuning experts, Novitec have announced a real statement piece of work. The Novitec 720S N-Largo, based on the McLaren 720s. The original 720s, a superb supercar in its own right, has been given an impressive makeover by Novitec, including all new widebody panels, hi-tech forged wheels, a lower ride height and increased power capabilities.

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Here’s a quick look at some of the impressive details:

A twin-turbo 4.0 litre V8 engine powers the N-Largo 720S, delivering a massive 806bhp and torque of 878Nm, which is all sent to the rear wheels. What does this power impact the speed of the N-Largo? According to Novitec, the N-Largo will reach 62mph from standing in just 2.7 seconds, before hitting 124mph in a rapid 7.5 seconds. The top speed has been increased to 215mph. This is a seriously quick car and testament to the engineering capabilities of Novitec.

The experts at Novitec have chosen to redesign the entire 720s body for the N-Largo, finessing the design in a wind tunnel to ensure the stability at high speed. Constructed using hi-tech carbon the new body fits seamlessly onto the original chassis.

With a wider body, 60mm at the front and 130mm at the rear, the N-Largo definitely has a more “aggressive” aesthetic compared to the 720S. The custom suspension means the ride height has been lowered by 35mm, a great complement to the new wider look, whilst aiding the car’s aerodynamics.

Production of the N-Largo has been limited to just 15, which makes the chances of seeing this beautiful car on the road very rare, and the chances of owning one even rarer.

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