Exterior modifications; everything you need to know

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A burgeoning automotive aftermarket is allowing many supercar owners to truly customise and individualise their cars. The aftermarket can provide modifications with OEM-quality allowing owners to really focus and enhance the look and feel of their cars with their own preferences in mind.

Whether you want to re-style your car or make a few simple modifications, we’ll guide you through every step.

Before you get started

Modifying the exterior of your car is an act of self-expression. But before you get started, there are two pieces of advice for you to heed.


Carry out balanced upgrades

When considering an exterior modification, be sure to keep the overall look front of mind. A car part can look perfect as a standalone product, but when added to a car it sometimes just does not work. Be sure that any modification is a harmonious addition to the body and fits the overall design of the vehicle. Remember, a single modification can make another “compulsory”. Not only from a visual point of view, but also from a performance one.

Case in point, a rear wing without a corresponding front splitter doesn’t just look strange, it disrupts the aerodynamic balance.


A single modification can be transformative

A car can be too over the top, don’t opt extreme modifications without careful thought and planning. If you are ever in doubt, seek out professional advice; why not give Scuderia a call, where one of our helpful advisors will provide the expert insight you need.

Certain cars fit a particular style of modification. Think outlandish if you own a Lamborghini Aventador, it’ll likely work; if you own a Bentley, don’t.

You may find that a single alteration can completely change a cars aesthetics. For example, the Novitec rear wing transforms the McLaren 570S. Slightly more discreet supercars, such as GTs and front-engine cars, lend themselves to subtler tweaks that still catch the eye.

Three categories of modification


Complete Body kits/Conversions

Depending on the style you have in mind, it’s possible to fit a subtle kit to a Mercedes E63 AMG from Brabus. This would include subtle front and rear spoilers and side skirts. Or you can fit the transformative kit, like the Brabus Kit available for the Mercedes G-Class. This entails a new front and/or rear bumper, wheel arches, lights, spoilers, wings, and complete detailing.

You can always choose to gradually upgrade your car, seeing what works and finding the “stop” button as you go along.


Prestige finish

Carbon Fibre is de rigeur for Supercars! Many owners are inclined to replace their plastic parts with higher quality carbon fibre items. This makes the car look more sophisticated in its design. The purpose of these types of parts is to bring the finish up to a level commensurate with such a prestigious car. These parts are also often “detail” parts which when installed, make the finish of the car standout.

The demand for sporty looking wheels is on the rise, and we don’t see this trend slowing down any time soon. Why compromise on the look of your car? Don’t ignore a new set of wheels if you want impact. It’s worth remembering that some bodykit modifications will widen your wheel arches. This change will necessitate newer, larger wheels, to fill out the larger arches.


The outer interior matters too

At supercar levels, even the finish of the engine bay is considered important; and at Scuderia we’re right behind this mentality. The reason, the engine is the heart of the car and needs to be treated with the upmost respect and made to function, look and sound magnificent.

Cosmetically enhancing the engine bay requires jewel-like quality replacement parts; if you’re considering an upgrade we recommend speaking to one of our expert advisors to understand just how beautifully you can have this part of your car finished.

To help inspire you, consider the Capristo Carbon Fibre Engine Bay Kit, which is perfect for the Ferrari 458. Also have a look at the Novitec Carbon Fibre Interior Kit, which fits the Lamborghini Aventador, and really brings to life an expensive-feeling interior.

Before you set about perfecting your supercar, set some design goals and visualise how you would like your car to look when it’s finished.




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