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Making the best of British cars even better - that sums up the mission of Startech. Founded in 1999, and originally part of the Brabus group, which itself is now the tuning and bespoke modifications arm of Mercedes-Benz, it has established a formidable name for transforming all cars which come under the Jaguar Land Rover and Bentley umbrellas, including Aston Martin. It also works extensively with Tesla and Maserati models. Popular car modification and tuning products in which Startech specialises include one-piece polished alloy wheel sets, front and rear wings and bumpers, right through to distinctive, complete upholstery and interior trim sets for the Jaguar F-Type and Bentley Continental.

Its mission to enhance even some of the already most-striking looking cars in the world also stretches to many parts which, while subtle in their appearance, can be fitted to make your car something truly individual, and an asset you can’t help but want to show off. Startech also offers a bespoke interior design service for your car, from which you choose numerous luxury leather options, colours and trims, which will give you the car you always wanted. Still based in the hotbed of German automotive research that is the town of Bottrop in the Ruhr valley, Startech’s product development is driven by a quest for precision.

Browse our fully, comprehensively-illustrated online catalogue of Startech car enhancement and personalisation products, where you’ll be won over by their quality, which comes out of a dedication to using only the finest materials as preferred by the original manufacturers. The result is a suite of products which perfectly complement the cars for which they are designed, and which are manufactured to the highest current standards using only the finest available materials. Enhancing your car with Startech parts will not only make it stand out in any crowd - it will also allow you to express your love for some of the finest craftsmanship applied to the world’s most prestigious car makes and models. So if you’re serious about wanting a car you can cherish and that others will admire, talk to us at Scuderia Car Parts about what you’re looking to achieve, and we will advise you on the Startech products which will turn your dream into a reality.

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