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Founded in 1914, Maserati has been putting its trident logo on the front of many cars as a symbol of the company’s roots in the city of Bologna. More than a century later, finding Maserati aftermarket parts is a case of knowing where to look. Here at Scuderia Car Parts, we’ve taken the work out of that search for you and can direct you to the best suppliers and specialists dealing in Maserati parts.  The founders were five brothers who had begun their involvement in the motor industry at the start of the century. But when the company which had used their services stopped making racing cars, they built and entered their own car in the 1926 Targa Florio endurance race on the island of Sicily, and Alfieri Maserati drove the car to victory. Maserati was bought by Citroen in 1968, and its sports car pedigree was immediately put to good use, with input into the Citroen SM, a new flagship model for the French company which was fitted with a 2.7-litre V6 engine from the Maserati stable.

The takeover also allowed Maserati to step up production of its own models, and its biggest impact came with the Bora of 1971, a mid-engined sports car which boasted technologically-advanced four-wheel independent suspension. In 1972, the Bora evolved into the Merak, which inherited the 2+2 seating configuration, but like many other cars of the time, it was a casualty of the oil crisis which soon unfolded. Eventually, the crisis brought about the end of the chapter of Maserati’s history under Citroen, when in 1975 the parent company announced it was looking to put the brand into liquidation. Such was the outcry among Italian car-lovers that a plan was put together for a state-owned Italian holding company to take the business back from Citroen control. The new firm was headed by Argentinian former racing driver Alejandro de Tomaso. He initially kept the Merak going, but otherwise switched focus to a series of large saloon and grand tourer-style cars. However, dwindling sales and the cutting off of Maserati performance parts supplies from Citroen eventually saw it scrapped, in 1982.Fiat took outright ownership of Maserati in 1993, but then sold on half of the company to its own Ferrari subsidiary. By 1999 Maserati was entirely under Ferrari control, its cars marketed as the luxury division of Ferrari, and now built in a new factory.

Today, Maserati exists alongside Alfa Romeo as a separate entity once again under the control of Fiat. It has taken the fight to the likes of Mercedes, Porsche, BMW and Jaguar with the 4200 and GranCabrio, which are both coupe convertibles with plenty of that typical Italian flair. It also produces the Levante SUV, which is its best-seller. For any of these models, parts are available from a handful of specialist aftermarket manufacturers such as Novitec and Quicksilver, both highly reputable makers of sports exhaust systems. You’ll find their products listed under the relevant Maserati model pages.

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