Scuderia Car Parts USA will be closed on Monday 27th May 2019 for Memorial Day.

You can continue to purchase your parts online as normal, however please see revised shipping schedule below:

• Fully-stocked online orders made from 25th to 27th May will have an estimated delivery date of Thursday 30th May.

• 'To-order' parts will be subject to a two-working-day delay with normal service resuming on Tuesday 28th May.

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We serve customers tuning products for the Tesla, the luxury electric car. The Model X comprises of a range of customisation options for the SUV and is safe, fast and a capable sport utility vehicle.

The electric powertrain comprises of aerodynamic-enhancement components with sporty-elegant styling, tailor-made 22-inch hi-tech forged wheels and a carbon-ceramic high-performance braking system.

At Scuderia, we are here to serve you with any tuning requirements you need and have been serving our happy customers for over a decade. Select what you require on our site and we will be more than happy to walk you through the best way to enhance your Tesla.