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Founded in north London just after the First World War, Bentley very quickly cut its teeth in racing, winning five Le Mans 24 Hours races before the company was barely a decade old. Today, its cars are greatly sought-after, and looked upon as expressions of the ultimate in luxury car-making. Scuderia Car Parts’ mission is to help you enjoy the style and performance of your car to the full, by making it easy for you to find Bentley aftermarket and performance parts. We can help you and your mechanic find any part needed. We’re all prestige and sports car fans, and have made it our mission to take the guesswork away from sourcing the quality parts which every Bentley deserves. You’ll be delighted to know that we very carefully choose the Bentley aftermarket parts suppliers with whom we work, based on their record of giving excellent service fitting of these cars’ quality, and of their ability to supply reputable parts. The Speed Six racing cars which earned Bentley its early success were probably responsible for arousing the interest of fellow luxury car-makers Rolls-Royce in the business. But it suffered greatly as a result of the massive global economic shock which followed the 1929 Wall Street Crash, and eventually was forced into liquidation.

As a result, from 1931, Bentley became part of Rolls-Royce, and it was still under the control of its sister luxury car maker when both were sold by then-owner Vickers to Volkswagen in 1998. The sale went ahead after a sell-off to BMW fell through when Volkswagen outbid its German rival. This was despite Bentley and BMW having enjoyed long-term partnerships with many engines and some body parts for Bentley cars being made by BMW. Following Rolls-Royce’s takeover, Bentley’s original London factory was sold in 1932, and Bentley cars were produced alongside Rolls-Royce’s at its factory in Derby. For a while, there was some scepticism among buyers, who looked on the Bentleys as an inferior version of the Rolls-Royce products. However, a new, dedicated Bentley factory in Crewe, Cheshire came on stream in 1938, as a result of the company looking for a site which would be less likely to be a target in the event of war. The only manufacturing done away from Crewe is pre-assembly of some bodies for the classic Continental GT, Continental GTC and Continental Supersports models, which takes place in Poland, and are shipped over to the UK. A by-word for luxury and individual configurability, Bentley’s main production today comprises the Continental GT, a large, luxury coupe which has been produced since 2003, and the Continental GTC, a convertible grand tourer with a folding roof produced by Karmann in Osnabrück, Germany. This is believed to be one of the fastest convertibles ever made, with a top speed of 189mph with the roof down - and only a little higher with it in place! The Continental Supersports is a variant first produced in 2017, and fitted with an eight-speed automatic transmission with Quickshift, Block Shifting and wheel-mounted paddle shift. Curiously, this box is made in the town of Friedrichshafen, first made famous as the production centre of the Zeppelin airship!

The other piece in the jigsaw is the Bentayga , the marque’s first foray into SUV production. This model first appeared in 2015, and featured six models, including diesel and hybrid options, and with a W12-engined variant at the top of the range. This unusual engine has its cylinders mounted in four banks of three, broadly forming a W-shape, hence the name. The Crewe factory is renowned for the high degree of hand-finishing which it puts into each car, so whatever Bentley you own, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll ever see another one identical to it. Keeping such an individual car in the condition in which it deserves to be is, of course, quite an undertaking. But it’s so much easier when you can simply tap into our hand-picked specialists’ wealth of knowledge for finding Bentley aftermarket parts.

Our partners include Capristo, the leading manufacturer of exhaust systems and composite body parts, and Startech, which produces bespoke interior upholstery and trim for the Continental GT and GTC. So whether you’re running a Bentley and want to get some tips on finding the best Bentley parts to keep it running reliably and consistently, or want the ultimate in personalisation when it comes to tuning your Bentley’s engine to get the most enjoyment from it, come to us for all the advice you’ll need. We’ll guide you straight to the only Bentley aftermarket parts truly deserving to be fitted in such prestige cars.

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