Capristo Tuning Products for Bentley

Upgrading your Bentley’s exhaust system to one made by top-end manufacturer Capristo will bring you a host of benefits, whether you prize your car for its luxury, its sporting prowess, or both. A top-quality Capristo exhaust system for your Bentley will help ensure that it’s as environmentally friendly as possible, as well as providing you and your passengers with a smoother, cleaner ride. It will also make a difference to your car’s sound, giving it bags more presence than a factory-supplied system.

A high-quality aftermarket Capristo exhaust system for a Bentley Bentayga or Bentley Continental will make a perfect replacement for the original fitted by the manufacturer. At Scuderia Car Parts we can supply you with a precision-made exhaust system which will bring the best out of your car, while also benefiting the environment through minimising emissions. You’ll also lend your car an extra dimension of character, courtesy of the sportier sound which Capristo builds into its systems. Your Bentley could have these extra benefits with the relatively simple addition of a new Capristo exhaust, supplied by us directly from the manufacturer. Contact us to find out the latest price and lead-in times for supplying a Capristo exhaust for your model, and if you need answers to any questions before you order

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