Ferrari GTC4Lusso Novitec Conversion, Lowered and Modified

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We don’t always post the complete builds we’re asked to undertake by owners, but this was rather special – hence this post.

This owner came to us before taking delivery of the car, feeling the stock car would need more focus on leaving Maranello. The areas he wanted to improve:

– Exhaust note
– Finish
– More sporting stance/height

Well we assisted in delivering all these objectives. The end result is a truly special, stunning car, and also quite possibly the best-sounding car we have ever had the pleasure of handing back to a client. We hope you like it.

Before we start on the pictures, here’s a quick breakdown of exactly what has been ordered for this Ferrari GTC4Lusso:

Novitec Inconel sports exhaust system

– Novitec Inconel Rear Mufflers
– Novitec X-pipe
– Novitec Cat-replacement Pipes

There’s a lot of debate about what systems work best on FF/Lusso – and how they work. Well in this instance, the owner simply wanted the last word. He specified the FULL Novitec Exhaust – with the rear silencers in Inconel.

Click to see more: Ferrari GTC4Lusso Parts

Inconel, usually reserved for F1 exhaust systems, is extremely durable under high temperatures allowing it to be made of a thinner gauge yielding a lighter weight lightweight, and produces a uniquely high-pitched tone. This works to beautiful effect on the Lusso, which lets out a lovely V12 scream. Further downstream, the standard H-pipe is replaced with Novitec’s X-pipe with in-built resonators which further lifts and intensifies the pitch of the exhaust. Finally, the stock catalytic converters have been removed and replaced with cat-replacement pipes. We also include the Novitec Techtronic device to remove any emissions based warning lights as a result of the cat delete pipes.

We have included a video below. The car was new and we were limited to the extent we could take a video and give it some revs, but the sound is quite incredible. And best of all, when you hit the button on the Novitec remote, it reverts to stock/quiet running:

Novitec Sport Lowering springs

Lowering the Lusso improves the overall look of the car immensely. Ferraris are coming out of the factory higher and higher to the point where they can look quite unnatural. Novitec lowering springs bring the car down to what should be the ‘normal’ ride height, giving the car a sportier poise and much more pleasing overall look. Furthermore, they have a tangible improvement on high speed stability and enhancing the aerodynamic effects the rear venture/diffusers.

As always when lowering Ferraris, we had a full suspension geometry carried out through Ferrari to tailor the handling and ride height of the car exactly to the owner’s tastes.

Novitec complete carbon-fibre bodywork kit

This kit is comprised of a range of items which can be fitted individually, but here we have fitted every product in the range. Novitec’s carbon is of exquisite quality, and when we supply their products, we specify that the weave is even an exact match to Ferrari OEM carbon. The great thing is the parts are not overly aftermarket, they just look great and complement the car and any existing factory carbon perfectly.

The full list of pieces fitted are:

– Front bumper side splitters
– Front bumper central spoiler
– Wing mirror covers
– Side skirts
– Rear boot spoiler lip
– Roof spoiler lip
– Rear diffuser side add-ons

Onto the conversion – the car came to us on a transport before the owner took delivery.

First came the exhaust, followed by the lowering and suspension geometry through Ferrari:

Ferrari GTC4Lusso Conversion
Everything comes off…
Ferrari GTC4Lusso Exhaust
Original components of exhaust
Inconel Exhaust for Ferrari GTC4Lusso Conversion
Inconel exhaust!
Inconel Exhaust Upgrade for Ferrari GTC4Lusso Conversion
Inconel Goes On…
Modified Springs Ferrari GTC4Lusso Conversion
Original Ferrari springs removed
Ferrari GTC4Lusso Lowered with Novitec Sport Springs
And replaced with Novitec’s Sport Springs
Finished Ferrari GTC4Lusso Lowered with Novitec Sport Springs

Finally the carbon Novitec upgrades which mount to the existing bodywork without cutting nor conversion. So here is the finished result.

We hope you can agree the owner of this car has something quite special which is very tastefully and quite carefully modified…

Ferrari GTC4Lusso with Carbon Rear Diffuser, Rear Spoiler Lip, Roof Spoiler
Visible parts: carbon rear diffuser, rear spoiler lip, roof spoiler
Modified Ferrari GTC4Lusso with Novitec Body Kit
Visible parts: carbon rear diffuser, rear spoiler lip, roof spoiler
GTC4Lusso with Novitec Body Kit Conversion and Side Skirts
Visible parts: carbon rear diffuser, rear spoiler lip, roof spoiler, side skirts
Ferrari GTC4Lusso Carbon Air Vents and Wing Mirror Inserts
Visible parts: Ferrari genuine carbon air vents, carbon wing mirror inserts
Ferrari GTC4Lusso with Carbon Front Spoiler Front Strut and Mirror Inserts
Visible parts: Carbon front spoiler, front strut, mirror inserts
Modified Ferrari GTC4Lusso with Carbon Front Spoiler Front Strut
Visible parts: Carbon front spoiler, front strut
Ferrari GTC4Lusso Conversion with Novitec Body Kit
Visible parts: Carbon front spoiler, front strut, side skirts, wing mirror inserts
Modified Ferrari GTC4Lusso Novitec Conversion
Visible parts: Carbon front spoiler, side skirts, wing mirror inserts, rear diffuser, rear spoiler, roof spoiler, lowering springs

We hope you enjoyed looking through the pictures of this modified, lowered Ferrari GTC4Lusso conversion and would love to hear what you think!

Please do leave us your comments below – we would also be more than happy to go through what we can offer for your Ferrari directly. To discuss what would work best for you, please get in contact with us.

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