Ferrari 812 – full conversion

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You’ve seen us do wheels and springs, you’ve seen us do carbon fibre and you’ve seen us do exhaust systems – but today marks the day that we show off the first FULL Novitec conversion done to a UK delivered Ferrari 812 Superfast.

This is the apex of supercar tuning – uncompromising performance, looks and sound in a bright red, 800bhp car with a prancing horse on the front. It simply does not get better than this!

So let’s walk through what we did in each case!


This is not the first time that we’ve covered the “N LARGO” exhaust system (click HERE to read in more detail), so we won’t focus on it for too long but here are the bare bones:

  • Decat pipes: replaces the 800-cell cats and increases VOLUME significantly
  • Capristo X pipe: replaces the middle muffler and raises the PITCH significantly
  • Novitec Rear Silencers: replace the factory silencers, and have valve apparatus which allows you to change between loud and quiet modes
  • OBD Wizard: cancels the CEL arising from removing the cats
  • Remote kit: allows you to operate the valves, which changes between the loud and quiet channels on the exhaust

To get an idea of how reasonable the volume is, even with this Stage 3 exhaust setup go to the end of the video and check out the bit where we’re driving around at 50mph in 7th gear. It honestly isn’t much louder than stock, and demonstrates that you really can live with a decat 812!


Again, this isn’t the first time we’ve talked about the springs/spacers set up (click HERE to read in more detail) so we’ll give you the headlines:

Firstly, we installed a set of Novitec NL9 wheels, finished in polished silver.

  • 21” front
  • 22” rear

The offset of the wheels means that there is no need for spacers as the wheels are pushed out perfectly to the edges of the wheels arches.

We also installed Novitec’s sport springs which allowed us to drop the car by about 40mm

  • Ride quality is NOT compromised at all, the springs are variable rate so under normal load they are compliant and comfortable.
  • Under extreme load they will tighten up and reduce body roll through corners, and pitching of the nose under acceleration/braking

This allowed us to perfectly close up the rather unsightly wheel arch gaps, without making the car undrivable!

Carbon Fibre

On this occasion the car was already very well specced, although one crucial element was forgotten! The front spoiler! Luckily Novitec came in to save the day with their amazing front lip spoiler, now this differentiates itself from the OEM offering by virtue of the fact that it wraps across the ENTIRE front lip, as opposed to just the outer/lower attachments.

The customer also opted to install the amazing 3-piece lip spoiler across the rear of the car which instantly adds an incredibly muscular look to the car – one that Ferrari simply did not offer an equivalent to.

All in all this car is now EXACTLY what an 812 should be – lairy, angry, loud but most crucially a Grand tourer that you would be happy to hop in and drive to France in. Close the valves, put the suspension in bumpy road mode and enjoy moving across the ground at speeds usually reserved for aircraft.

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