Aftermarket Sports Exhausts – What You Need to Know

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Some of our customers have asked why they would need an aftermarket exhaust system, and the answer may surprise you. In fact, there are many reasons to purchase such an upgrade:

Improved Sound – Who doesn’t love a powerful sounding car? However, when an aftermarket exhaust system is introduced, the beautiful sound of the engine need not be held back by noise legislation restrictions – you can finally open it up and unleash the true excitement that comes from a growling exhaust note.

> Increase Power
By reducing exhaust gas back pressure, you’re enabling the engine to expel exhaust gasses more easily, effectively permitting the engine to breathe more efficiently and develop more power.

> Improve Efficiency
A quality new exhaust will lower the entire engine bay and intake manifold temperatures, which will increase fuel efficiency.

> Improve Heat Management
A quality aftermarket exhaust more effectively dissipates the heat radiating from the engine, which will also prevent heat sensitive components from being damaged.

> Add Longevity
Many aftermarket exhaust systems are made of higher quality and thicker gauge metals than standard – these not only give you power immediately in the here and now, but protect the exhaust from wear and tear, thermal degradation and corrosion over time.

When searching for a new exhaust system it is important to take a number of considerations into account:

> Brand
It is important to obtain reputable parts in order to keep your car running smoothly.

> Design
Different brands produce certain designs to achieve different performance objectives. An aftermarket exhaust upgrade will accentuate the existing tone coming from the engine, which ultimately decides the type of sound emitted.

> Materials
You should only use parts that are made out of equal or better quality materials than the original stock components.

At Scuderia Systems, we stock a wide range of superior quality aftermarket products and upgrades that will boost the overall performance of your luxury sports car. We are a trusted aftermarket and OE parts dealer that gives competitive prices for all of our products. Our sales agents have years of performance driving specific expertise and will provide you with the parts that are the perfect fit for your vehicle and requirements.
If you’re looking for aftermarket sports exhausts, you’ve found them.

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