Novitec Tuning Products for Tesla

With environmental regulations set to get only tighter in future years, Tesla represents a future way of driving that we’re all going to have to get more used to. If you’re already on board with this trend, we at Scuderia Car Parts want to help you embrace it fully. To this end, we have partnered with performance and cosmetic parts manufacturer Novitec to offer its exhaustive range of ways to enhance your Tesla Model 3, Model S or Model X. Because these cars’ performance is already electrifying, we have focused on ways to improve the way your Tesla looks and/or rides. So, for example, you can buy a set of Novitec forged lightweight aluminium wheels, which will bring benefits for both performance and economy - not to mention that they also look a bit special!

Or if getting a sportier ride from your Tesla appeals, why not come to us for a set of Novitec sport springs? As well as lowering your car by about 30mm, they’ll also firm up the suspension and give more feel to your car’s steering. Whatever Novitec parts for your Tesla from our selection appeal to you, we’re here to give advice based on many years’ personal experience as owners of prestige and performance cars. So call, email or message us, and we’ll help you make your choices with complete confidence.

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