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Brabus Widestar Conversion Kit

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  • Fitment Details: Mercedes Benz G63 / G65 AMG
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Brabus Mercedes G63/G65 AMG Bodykit

There are very many options to choose from, and no 'default' Widestar conversion. You can choose from a great number of different combinations, from suspension to wheels to an exhaust to power - for now we will focus purely on the aesthetic upgrades i.e. the Widestar kit and accompanying wheels. But we would welcome the chance to discuss a tailor made Brabus Upgrade package perfect for you.

Brabus' G63 tuning programme and particularly their aerodynamic upgrades are perhaps the most instantly recognizable tuning upgrades in the world. We are sure you will have seen Brabus G63 Widestars before on the road.

This is perhaps Brabus' most famous and most popular product for any car. It must be fitted as the COMPLETE kit - this is because the wheel arches are wider and will not fit the standard bumper. The whole car must literally be widened! This gives a very aggressive look that is unmistakeably Brabus.

The complete Widestar kit includes the following individual components:

  • Widened rear bumper and rear diffuser
  • Additional signal lights
  • Front widened wheel arches with LED lights
  • Rear widened wheel arches
  • Front and rear wider door panels

You can choose 20" wheels all the way up to 23". The price for these wheels depends on the size chosen - different designs of the same size are the same price. The look achieved on the smaller wheels isn't quite as satisfying and we feel the new wheels to fill out the wider wheel arches nicely. Small wheels will look silly in much larger widebody wheel arches. We feel you need the look of the wheels to match the car, so fitting 20" wheels here, even if they are Brabus wheels, is pointless.

We recommend 22" wheels which are significantly cheaper than 23" wheels but still provide a hugely striking look and fit with the Widestar kit perfectly. Additional parts are available such as Carbon front hoods, carbon spoilers and of course full interior conversions, but our our typical widestar installation is:

  • Complete Widestar kit
  • Front spoiler with DRL LED
  • 22" Monoblock R wheel set
  • Carbon front bonnet

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