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Brabus PowerXtra B40-700

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  • Fitment Details: Mercedes Benz E43 / E63 AMG
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Brabus Mercedes E63 Power Kit Upgrade

The new E63S is one of Mercedes's most high-performance models, but it still comes heavily 'de-tuned' from the factory, with plenty more potential power to be unlocked from the twin-turbo powered 4.0l V8. Turbo engines are prime candidates for tuning, as the gains achievable are much more substantial than on NA engines due to electronically-controlled ignition amongst other factors.

As ever, Brabus' technicians have invested their world-leading expertise and resources into squeezing every ounce of performance from the E63 S whilst remaining within the parameters of the car, not inflicting any extra strain on the engine, and perhaps most importantly achieving these gains in a Mercedes-authorized and warranty-friendly way.

The power gains achieved are as follows:

  • 612hp > 700hp (+88hp!)
  • 850Nm torque > 950Nm torque (+100Nm torque!)

Needless to say these gains are very substantial and have a genuinely transformative effect on the way the car drives. The car is now much more responsive to throttle input even at very low speeds but it is in the mid range upwards where you truly feel that huge boost in power. You never feel like you're straining against the engine at any point now - the car accelerates effortlessly even towards the rev limited, and rushes towards the redline in a far more visceral way. You now have blistering speed and acceleration at your fingertips without ever feeling like you are pushing the car to its limits.

The Brabus power kit is a plug-in upgrade which is quick to install and fully reversible. Simply unplug the power kit and the car reverts to stock settings.

The kit also includes optional Brabus logos for the engine cover mark out your car as a custom Brabus car with the bonnet raised, and also the "Powered by Brabus" lettering for the side of the car.

Brabus - The near-factory upgrade power kit for your car

Brabus is the only power upgrade you can make to a Mercedes car which carries a TÜV approval certificate (available on request). Brabus own a number of Mercedes dealerships in Germany, and the two companies are heavily intertwined. It's a truly worry-free addition to your car, and as a Brabus power kit you can be rest assured there are no issues from either a reliability or a warranty perspective.

Because Brabus are virtually Mercedes-approved their products can be listed as spec and add value to your car!