Capristo Tuning Products for Mercedes Benz

When you’ve reached the top and want it to be reflected in what you drive, then a model from Mercedes’ AMG range is likely to be on your wish list. The choice of vehicles from Mercedes’ in-house tuning and customisation arm is remarkably broad, stretching right from the A-Class to the road-going missile that is the SLS.

AMG started out as an independent engineering company specialising in tuning and tweaking Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Its work was so highly regarded that, by 2005 the business had been bought and turned into Mercedes’ own in-house modification and tuning arm, with a licence to produce high-performance variants of every model in the Mercedes-Benz range. Because getting more power from the basic cars provided by Mercedes is central to AMG’s mission, an upgrade to their exhaust systems is a wise choice to accompany it, because it will add a new dimension to your car’s sound to match that extra power. That’s why Mercedes has allowed Capristo to officially produce and market a range of these systems.

It makes its Mercedes Benz exhausts in-house at its German factory, using the highest-grade stainless steel, which is then hand-welded and designed to withstand extreme temperatures of up to 600 degrees C. Capristo chooses only a very select handful of businesses to its official network of distributors, and we at Scuderia Car Parts are proud to be among that exclusive number. We supply Capristo exhausts for AMG-Mercedes models to order and are supplied direct from the factory in Sundern in Germany’s North-Rhine Westphalia region.

We’ve been chosen as one of Capristo’s official distributors thanks to our own excellent customer base and dedication to serving them well, with the best products and highly efficient delivery. Give us a call, or drop us a message or email if you would like to explore the possibilities that fitting a Capristo exhaust to your Mercedes-AMG car can bring.

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