Quicksilver Tuning Products for Land Rover

Given all their performance capacities, there’s one major area where a Range Rover Sport or Vogue is lacking - the sound! Much of this is down to modern emissions regulations. While the particulate filter does a valuable job in keeping all sorts of nasties from escaping from your exhaust pipe, it also muffles the roaring sound of the Range Rover’s supercharged V8 engine.

Three key ingredients go into making the QuickSilver exhaust for the Range Rover Sport or Range Rover Vogue such an effective piece of equipment: the rear section contains the Active Valve technology which produces a new orchestra of sounds, while the X-Pipe is designed to eliminate resonating which can dull the sound which reaches the back end, and the ‘plug and play’ Sound Architect valve control module matches the noise made as each valve is opened and closed, so making a rich variety of sounds and create a massive increase in the volume of the V8 tone. Yet none of this has any noticeable effect on your Range Rover’s performance. It’s all finished off by a set of QuickSilver-branded carbon tips, which add a classy and individual touch.

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