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The original Land Rover was such a massive hit that it inspired Rover to look into building a larger model with room for four or five occupants. It decided that it wanted the car to be marketed as a luxury 4x4. A series of pre-production prototypes were built between 1967 and 1970, using the Velar brand name - taken from the Italian ‘velare’, meaning to veil or cover.The official launch in 1970 took place at the Louvre art museum in Paris, and the car was immediately hailed an "exemplary work of industrial design". A number of expeditions across Africa were used as part of proving trials, and the year after the launch, the drummer with rock supergroup Cream, Ginger Baker, made a documentary of his journey from Algeria to Lagos, Nigeria - a journey of just over 2,000 miles. In those days, well before celebrity endorsements became commonplace, the feat attracted considerable media coverage, and did a great job in building interest in the fledgling Range Rover brand.For many years, the name ‘Range Rover’ meant only one car, albeit one which has attained the status of a cult classic.

The car was used as the basis for a wide range of special-use vehicles, including the Carmichaels six-wheel fire tender, which has been used at many smaller airfields around the world, and was adopted widely here in the UK by many police forces, who used them for motorway patrols.But the original Range Rover was to soldier on for an amazing 25 years before it was decided to launch a couple of sub-brands, which have pushed the Range Rover name into new territories. Firstly, the Range Rover Sport took the underpinnings of the Land Rover Discovery, shortened the wheelbase of the original Range Rover, and added styling improvements, such as a more sloping back end, which also housed a new single-piece tailgate as opposed to the original two-piece lid. While it was introduced, and at first heavily marketed in, the United States, the Range Rover Sport quickly took off in the UK and elsewhere, going on to become the biggest-selling of all Range Rover models. The Range Rover Vogue was released in 1998, four years after the second-generation model had emerged. A high-spec model, the Vogue SE, was offered at the top of the range which added to the car some of the most popular components from the range available as part of the Autobiography personalisation programme. So successful were these first Vogue SE models that two further special-edition models were released within a year of the original car’s introduction. The Vogue SE stayed in production right until the end of the second generation Range Rover, with each new model being equipped with more high-tech and luxurious extras, including eventually TV and DVD systems.

Now on its fourth generation, the Range Rover model range was added to with two further variants, the Evoque and the Velar, in 2011 and 2017 respectively.  And although the parent company, Jaguar Land Rover, is now part of the Indian Tata Motors company, Range Rover cars have a particularly strong following in the UK, where steady streams of buyers continue to ensure that the assembly plant at Halewood, just outside Liverpool, is kept busy. The sharing of a platform with the Discovery means that there is heavy crossover of parts between the two cars, which makes Range Rover aftermarket parts for all Sport variants plentiful. But by the same token, it also means you may need guidance when venturing into the market for Range Rover Sport aftermarket parts and other parts from third-party manufacturers.

The great news is that we at Scuderia Car Parts are ready to come to your help to make sure that you can find Range Rover aftermarket parts from the leading specialists in these cars in one place, and at very competitive prices. We deal with only the most reputable parts manufacturers. Among those whose products you can buy through us are Startech, a subsidiary of the Brabus company which has made a worldwide reputation for itself as a manufacturer of accessories primarily for Mercedes-Benz, and QuickSilver, a British firm which produces stainless steel and titanium exhaust systems for all the best-known classic and prestige car marques. If you want to enhance your car using the best Range Rover Sport aftermarket parts or Range Rover Vogue aftermarket parts available, contact us for more details, and for advice. Tuning and modifying cars isn’t just our business, it’s our lives too. So if you want to talk about what products best suit your car and your aspirations for it, we’re always happy to pass on our knowledge and point you in the right direction.

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