Possibly the only attribute the Ferrari 458 lacked which prevented turning a brilliant car into an absolutely awesome one was a feeling of control under the hardest driving. Ferrari’s answer when developing its successor was to revert to F1 design principles and give it 50 per cent more downforce, while also making it ever sleeker and taking further steps to minimise the pressure of the air sweeping over the front of the car. 

But what really distinguished the 488 GTB from its forebears was its makers’ decision (some might say overdue) to plug twin turbos into a lump downsized from 4.5 to 3.9 litres, so achieving a highly desirable balance of greater power and lower fuel consumption. The result was what EVO magazine called “an automotive masterpiece”, building on a comfortable chassis that allows the power available to be steadily tapped into.

Naturally, any masterpiece needs to be impeccably looked-after in order to keep its appeal among future generations of buyers. So if you’ve got your eye on the future, and want to find the best Ferrari 488 GTB or Ferrari 488 Spider aftermarket parts to help safeguard your investment, speak to us at Scuderia Car Parts.

Far more than mere Ferrari fans, we’ve been there, driven them and even owned them. And we have taken the time and trouble to build strong business partnerships with the most established and expert Ferrari aftermarket parts suppliers. You can benefit from our intimate knowledge too, by asking us to shop around for you among our partners to get the best parts from the most trusted aftermarket specialists. So call or message us when you need Ferrari 488 parts, and we’ll do the spadework for you.

Success Stories

Embarking on any work to maximise the performance of a classic or sports car can seem pretty daunting. But whatever your project, you can be sure plenty of our customers have been there and done it, and have shared with us their insights into the projects in which they have been involved. Take a look below at a small sample of these and, as ever, we’re on hand to offer help for you to find the perfect parts to transform your car.



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