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Novitec Power-Optimized Exhaust System (with flap-regulation)

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  • Fitment Details: Ferrari 488
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Ferrari 488 Sport Exhaust System from Novitec

There are two "sections" of the 488's exhaust which need to be considered (The factory sports exhaust is actually just a set of nicely machined end tips):

  • The rear silencer
  • The catalysts

As we, the problem with the 488 is that it's a fundamentally quiet car due to it's turbochargers, which means, in addition to some kind of replacement rear silencer, to get a nice sound from the car, you really need to de-cat the car as well... It's worth pointing out that a straight pipe for the rear of the car is not suitable - yes it will make the car louder but such systems tend to make the car sound a bit agricultural and very rough - hence we're a little concerned about installation from other brands with this type of exhaust layout.

What's needed is a proper sports exhaust system to replace the rear silencer, and upstream of that, a set of straight-through cat replacement pipes as well. This will give you a) volume and b) a NICE sound too, one which fits with it being a Ferrari and c) some element of controllability (as quality sports exhausts are always supplied with remote valve control to be able to switch that sound on or off).

So with this in mind, we always recommend the Novitec as the best option and the reason for this, our Novitec sports exhaust has a genuinely transformative effect on the car - importantly, not only does it greatly increase volume, but it also lifts the boring tone of the stock exhaust to a far more thrilling, more 'Ferrari-esque' high pitched howl when you put your foot down - this is what you really pay for - the "quality of the sound" - and this is where a straight pipe is so disappointing...

So just to summarise our exhaust kit includes:

  • Novitec Thermally Insulated F1 Sports Exhaust with valve operation
  • Cat Replacement Pipes with CEL-Delete Module (this module allows the deletion of catalysts without an emissions warning light signals)
  • Remote Control Kit

Well - that's easy to describe - just watch the video above on this page.

Again, we want to elaborate the fact that the Novitec is the only exhaust that makes this 488 sound "right." We've supplied and fitted a LOT of different brands to find the right combination of products for this car and the Novitec is the only choice.

As touched on above, the exhaust is a valve operated, remote controlled system. Using this you can switch between sound described above, and quiet channel at the touch of a button. When in the open setting, the exhaust operates at full volume, projecting the full-on sporting sound as shown above. When set to quiet, the car is essentially back to stock volume at cruising for long motorway journeys, early starts, etc. Thus, the car sounds perfect for every occasion and need never be too loud - likewise drone / boom resonance are never an issue.