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Capristo Twin Sound Sports Exhaust

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  • Fitment Details: Ferrari 430
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The valved, Twin Sound Sports Exhaust System from Capristo for the Ferrari F430 Coupe/Spider comes in T309 stainless, polished steel.

This Twin Sound system features a 70mm exhaust valve control and allows for greater performance (up to 13hp gain over the stock system and +6hp over standard Capristo system) and exhaust note.

The valve operated system gives the same fantastic tonal quality at high rpm as the exceptional non-valved system but silences the car at low rpm using valves which connect to the original connections of the stock exhaust.

With the valve closed, the exhaust still offers a more aggressive exhaust note over the stock system and similar to a Capristo Sound Level 1 system. When the valve opens, the exhaust sound is dramatically enhanced and is louder than the Capristo Sound Level 3. This new Twin Sound design offers the less aggressive sound at lower RPMs with the race inspired exhaust note at open throttle.

The Twin Sound system is available in standard configuration which opens the valve automatically at higher RPMs, or a remote control unit is available whereby the driver has total control over sound delivery, allowing the system to be silent or extreme at the touch of a button.

There is also a new header with heat protection option available, but if you do use the Capristo header with the original system, a bracket kit for the original muffler is required (found HERE) as the original exhaust brackets are fixed to the system too rigidly. This can cause the end pipes, cats and headers to be damaged. Therefore, this bracket kit ensures that the exhaust system is fixed without any tension and allows the exhaust system to move to the rear during warm conditions and back to the front in cool conditions.

Available Options:

- Muffler
- Set of Manifolds incl. heat protectors
- Bracket kit for original muffler, required
- Sports catalytic converter 200 cell
- Sports catalytic converter 200 cell with heat protectors
- Set of cat spare pipes
- Control unit for manual open/close

The non-valved Racing Exhaust System from Capristo for the F430 is available HERE.